v1.43.0November 9, 2022

🚴 Cycle through Windows


Some Window Management commands got a new superpower. If you repeatedly execute the left, right, top, or bottom half, it will cycle through different sizes. By default, it cycles through ½, ⅔, and ⅓. You can change it to cycle through adjacent displays or display the behavior on the preferences of the Window Management extension.

🔢 Calculator History


Ever wanted to peek into your recent calculations? With the new “Calculator History” command, you can find everything you calculate in Raycast. You can also pin items to keep an eye on changing currency rates or countdown to your favorite event.

✨ New

  • Calculator now supports automatic conversions for most commonly used units, like meters to feet or kilograms to pounds and vice versa.

💎 Improvements

  • Window Management: Respect Stage Manager when present.
  • Screenshots: New Paste Recent Screenshot command to paste the recent screenshot to the frontmost application.
  • Root Search: Application names should be correctly localized even if Spotlight indexing is disabled.
  • Browser Bookmarks: Search supports CJK languages.

🐞 Fixes

  • My Schedule: Fixed an issue where authuser param would be missing in Google Meet URLs
  • Snippets: Cursor placeholder position is now calculated correctly when the snippet contains emoji or other multi-byte characters.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when pasting from the clipboard history, emoji picker or snippets with universal clipboard enabled
  • Fixed an issue where hotkeys would be registered incorrectly when using the keypad with an AZERTY keyboard layout.
  • Fixed an issue where the main window sometimes appeared docked in Stage Manager.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented editing alias for some commands in Preferences.
  • Fixed an issue where characters could get dropped when opening commands which use the grid view.
v1.42.0October 26, 2022

🎹 Double-Tap Hotkeys


This one is for all the keyboard aficionados: You can now use double-tap hotkeys in Raycast! Tap a modifier key twice to toggle Raycast, launch apps, and open commands or quicklinks. Supported modifiers are ⌘, ⌥, ⌃, and ⇧. Set the hotkeys via the Raycast preferences.

✨ New

  • File Search: You can now move, copy and duplicate files using the action panel. Hit ⌘ + K on a selected file and search for the “Move to…”, “Copy to…” or “Duplicate” action.
  • Snippets: You can now specify a sound to play when expanding a snippet. Select a sound via the Snippets extension preferences.

💎 Improvements

  • App Updates: Improved insufficient permissions handling
  • Root Search: Newly installed apps and extensions are up-ranked and get suggested
  • Ventura Settings: Improved compatibility with settings in Ventura, including support for localization
v1.41.0October 12, 2022

🔗 Link Previews


Links got visual in Raycast! Copied URLs preview their social card image in the Clipboard History and Manage Quicklinks commands. The preview makes finding what you’re looking for more straightforward, and any additional information got moved below the image.

✨ New

  • Window Management: New commands to resize a window to the top or bottom third or two-thirds.

💎 Improvements

  • Window Management: Windows that are moved between displays now respect the previous aspect ratio. The behavior can be disabled in the preferences of the Previous/Next Display commands.
  • Window Management: Added a new preference on the Move Left/Right/Top/Bottom commands to center the window horizontally/vertically. The preference is turned on by default to keep the previous behavior.
  • Preferences: The error toast that is shown when an alias is used by another command now shows the name of the command to resolve the conflict.
  • AppUpdates: Improved insufficient permissions recovery process

🐞 Fixes

  • Paste: Added a workaround to avoid duplicate content when using Direct Paste into the Messages app.
  • Tag Editor: Now adjusts height correctly when loading initial content.
  • Export: Add some missing preferences to rayconfig export.
  • Search: Finder aliases are now followed when indexing apps.
  • Store: Fixed an issue where the view would sometimes jump to the top when scrolling.
  • Window Management: Made moving and resizing Chrome windows fast again.
v1.40.0September 28, 2022

🔎 Fuzzy Search

Having a more flexible search has been one of the most requested features from our community for a long time and, in this release, we are excited to bring “Fuzzy Matching” to the Root Search.


You can now match applications, extensions, or scripts by writing any of their letters independently of their position in the result’s title, subtitle, keywords, or alias. For example: ftime for “Facetime”, msg for “Messages”, or utub vid for the “Search Youtube Videos” command.

Pro tip: Go to the Advanced Raycast Preferences to tweak the Root Search Sensitivity. The sensitivity controls the amount of matching results.

🧮 Improved Calculator

The performance and functionality of the calculator got improved under the hood. It now supports more scientific units, statistical calculations, and better date handling with natural text. You can find more about what the calculator can do you here.

✨ New

  • Fuzzy Search is now the search algorithm used in Root Search.
  • Search Sensitivity Levels, controlling the amount of suggested results, can be found in Advanced Raycast Preferences.

💎 Improvements

  • Root Search: Ranking of elements automatically accounts for how often you open every element and whether you have written a previously triggered search term (or a prefix of it).
  • Root Search: Search index is partially rebuilt after each triggered search result.
  • You can now disable the Show events in menu bar preference by dragging the Calendar Events Menu Bar Extra out of the menu bar while holding down .
  • Dictionary Extension: Added Recent Words section when the search term is empty containing the list of recently opened words.
  • Drag and Drop: You can now close the window while dragging a screenshot or a file out of Raycast. Simply hold down the key while dragging. If you keep the key pressed while dropping the content, Raycast opens again. This makes it convenient to drag multiple items in a row.
  • Quicklinks: The link’s domain is now displayed in the subtitle and will be matched when searching for Quicklinks.
  • Search Snippets: Snippets are now sorted by last used date.
  • Search Emoji: Added a new Save as Snippet action.
  • macOS 13 beta: Improved compatibility with macOS 13 Ventura beta. Including integration with the new System Settings.

🐞 Fixes

  • Preferences: The deprecated toggle “Find apps and prefs via Spotlight” has been removed.
  • Lightsaber: We have temporarily removed the Lightsaber command.
v1.39.0August 18, 2022

✨ New

  • Added navigation menu when clicking on Raycast logo in Root Search

💎 Improvements

  • Emoji Search: Updated to Unicode 14 and improved keywords.
  • Extensions Updater: Parallelize updates and provide more information on toast when running the “Check for Extensions Update” command
  • Clipboard History: Links now have their domain’s favicon when available, making it quicker to find the website you’re looking for.
  • Manage Quicklinks: Improved appearance of disabled Quicklinks.
  • Store: Improved appearance of media preview to align with our new design and added buttons for easy navigation
  • Store: Team selection will now be preserved for 5 mins
  • Teams: Managers can now delete organizations in Preferences → Organizations

🐞 Fixes

  • Root Search: Fixed opening commands that have required arguments from the Action Panel
  • Store: Fixed opening commands with required arguments
  • Fixed CPU Spikes when using LittleSnitch
  • Action Panel: Fixed an issue where some keyboard shortcuts wouldn’t work when the panel is open.
  • Toasts: Fixed an issue where some keyboard shortcuts would not work.
  • Clipboard History: Copying multiple files from Finder or any other app now lists each file individually as expected
  • Clipboard History: Image caches will now be deleted when you delete the item from the list
  • Clipboard: Fixed rare issues with some actions related to copying and pasting text.
v1.38.0July 19, 2022

💅 A fresh look and feel

We announced Raycast to the world almost two years ago. Since then, the design of the macOS app has mostly stayed the same. But many things around it have changed. Today, we’re announcing a fresh look and feel to address the feedback and demand from our growing community.


We’ve made these five changes to make the app even easier and faster to use while maintaining its beauty through simplicity:

  • A bigger search bar to reflect its importance
  • All-new action bar with contextual information
  • Bespoke icon set used across the application
  • Compact Mode for additional focus
  • Fresh app icon that was long overdue

Read more about the changes and why in this blog post.

💎 Improvements

  • Snippets: Added a new UUID placeholder to generate random identifiers.
  • Search Screenshots: You can now opt-in from the command’s preferences to include all media files in the search.

🐞 Fixes

  • Calculator: Currency rates are now updated more frequently and can also be manually updated during a currency conversion using the “Refresh Currency Data” action.
  • Calculator: The cursor position is now set to the end of the text after performing “Swap Units” and “Put Answer in Search Bar” actions.
  • Personal Walkthrough: Tasks and Progress are now updated immediately.
  • Snippets: Fixed an issue with mismatching colors from long texts.
v1.37.0June 29, 2022

🤖 Shared Snippets

You can now share Snippets with members of your organization. It's an easy way to share information and frequently used text. Shared snippets are ideal for canned email responses, code, templates or short phrases.

Insert 0xC0C0A in Raycast to activate the beta team features


✨ New

  • Snippets now support custom formats for date placeholders. You can write {date "yyyy-MM-dd"} or use any valid format defined on the Unicode date patterns here.
  • You can now import snippets from a JSON file. Search for Import Snippets command. Learn more about the supported format here.
  • You can now opt-in to create a Quicklink even faster as we automatically fill the form based on your active browser tab or from your clipboard.

🤳🏼 Bonus: Rayfie

With this new tool, Raycast takes a photo of Raycast to make sure it’s taken from the best possible angle, use it to share your Raycast experience with others.

Enable it under the advanced tab in preferences.


💎 Improvements

  • Trash: Added preference setting on whether to show a confirmation dialogue when emptying the trash
  • Clipboard: The original clipboard contents are now restored after pasting an emoji, snippet or screenshot into another app.

🐞 Fixes

  • Snippets: Text expansion now works as expected inside terminals of Jetbrains IDEs
  • Clipboard History: Images no longer appear in a different tint when pasted to another app
  • Clipboard History: The source app is now always correctly recorded, even when switching quickly to a new app just after copying.
  • File Search: Resolved a performance issue when scrolling quickly through the results.
  • My Schedule: Searching for words in long titles now works as expected
  • Teams: Reduced network activity required for syncing shared quicklinks and snippets.
  • Screenshot Search: Fixed an issue where the main window could hang briefly after capturing a screenshot
  • macOS Ventura (Beta): Fixed an issue where Raycast would crash when opening the “Search Snippets” command. Also fixed an issue with missing Safari on Beta 2 and a few minor visual bugs.
v1.36.0June 7, 2022

🪧 Snippet Placeholders

You can now make your snippets dynamic with placeholders. Add placeholders by typing the keywords within curly braces like {cursor} or {date +2d}.

We support various date and time combinations, the current text in the clipboard, and modifying the cursor position.


🖇️ Share Quicklinks in Your Team (Beta)

You can now share Quicklinks with members of your organization. It's an easier way to access information and ideal for links to your company's roadmap, dashboards, or other resources.

Insert 0xC0C0A in Raycast to activate the beta team features


💎 Improvements

  • Calendar: Events longer than 24h should not be displayed in the menu bar anymore.
  • My Schedule: You can now search for events by participants or only organizer if there are more than five participants
  • Script Commands: Scripts with inline mode can work without refreshTime parameter. In this case, you need to refresh it manually.

🐞 Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused minor CPU usage in the background in some cases when the mouse is moved
  • Fixed an issue that caused some images inside text fields to not appear properly in the light theme
  • Fixed an issue that caused text colors in some screens to not update properly when the system theme changes
v1.35.0May 18, 2022

🔍 Find screenshots by text in images

Full text search comes to the Search Screenshots command. It’s now way easier to find that pesky screenshot you knew you captured, but couldn’t locate. Image text is indexed in the background, so the latest results should always be just a few keystrokes away. You can also search by filename or natural language dates, making screenshot search even more powerful.


✨ New

  • Use the new raycast://confetti URL scheme to trigger confetti. Especially handy to spice up those long running scripts.

💎 Improvements

  • Various optimizations that should improve the app’s cold start time, reduce the amount of unnecessary reloads in the root search, and improve search speed in some cases.
  • Team Store: Added “Remove from Store” action for deleting published extensions from the team store.

🐞 Fixes

  • Toggle Hidden Files: now uses global defaults allowing to change AppleShowAllFiles values through the Terminal easier.
  • Declined events aren’t displayed in the menu bar anymore.
  • Snippets: Rich text snippets inserted into browsers and email clients will now have a system font style
  • Clipboard History: Fixed an issue where text copied from some apps was shown as images
v1.34.0May 4, 2022

💠 Raycast for Teams (Beta)


Together with our community, we built up a developer platform to create, share and discover productivity tools. Now, we’re bringing this experience to teams. Create an organization, invite your teammates, and speed up your internal workflows. Raycast for Teams is free during the beta period, and we’ll iterate on it based on your feedback.

Insert 0xC0C0A in Raycast to activate the team features and follow the getting started guide.

🙀 Emoji Search


What’s using a Mac without emojis in 2022?! With our new Search Emoji command, you can find your favorite smileys and reactions quicker than ever to spice up your documents, tweets and pull requests.

Pro Tip: Assign ⌘ + ⌃ + Space as a hotkey to the Search Emoji command to replace the system emoji picker.

✨ New

  • A little fun: Search for “lightsaber” in Raycast to celebrate Star Wars Day. May the 4th be with you 🌌

💎 Improvements

  • Menu bar calendar events: Added an Always On preference
  • Menu bar calendar events: Clicking the menu bar item now opens a menu displaying your events for the current week
  • Added a new action to annotate images with CleanShot X in the Search Screenshots and Clipboard History command
  • Updated window management preset for Magnet to include thirds (thanks Daniel)
  • Toasts get displayed above the window if there is not enough space under the window

🐞 Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where in some cases conferences would show up multiple times in the menu bar calendar item
  • Fixed an issue where the text in version history would get cut off sometimes