v1.75.0May 22, 2024

🪟 Custom Window Management Commands

Take your workflow to the next level. Keep your desktop clean with custom window commands to resize and position your windows.

Run Create Window Management Command from the search or go to Settings → Extensions → Window Management → Create Command. Learn more about custom commands in the manual.

Note: Custom Window Management Commands is a part of our paid PRO subscription.

Release - window management - v1 75 0

💎 Improvements

  • Typing Practice: Source now fits 2 lines on the scorecard and has a tooltip when hovering
  • AI Feedback: You can now submit feedback for bad responses in Quick AI and AI Chat. Use the Bad Response… action or click on the 👎 button in the message’s toolbar to submit feedback
  • AI Chat/Quick AI: Added a Copy Reference action to quickly copy a reference URL to the clipboard

🐞 Fixes

  • Typing Practice: Fixed a few issues that might have caused a crash in rare cases
  • AI Chat: Fixed avatar appearance after changing theme
  • Quick AI: Fixed an issue which prevented pasting into the search field using ⌘V