v1.72.0April 24, 2024

⚠️ If you’re running Raycast 1.69 or 1.70, please make sure to manually update the app by running Check for Updates command or by clicking this link ⚠️

💬 AI Chat Presets


With more LLMs, it’s likely to switch them for different use-cases throughout the day. To make this easy, we’re introducing AI Chat Presets. You can create new presets from the chat settings and specify the model, system instructions, creativity, and tools. To start a new chat with a preset, just hit N in the AI Chat or click the dropdown located in the top right of the toolbar. Use the "Search AI Chat Presets" command to edit your presets. To learn more about AI Chat Presets, watch our YouTube video.

Need inspiration for a preset? Visit to explore pre-built presets for coding, writing, and more. Alternatively, install the Raycast Explorer to browse them quickly. You can also contribute your presets to make them available to others.

💎 Improvements

  • Auto-dismiss the “See What’s New” item after one day
  • Search Emojis & Symbols: Added an action to reset the ranking of an emoji
  • AI Commands: Improve text selection reliability and speed
  • Quick AI: Add action to delete selected message
  • AI Chat: New chats now remember the model, creativity, instructions and tools settings used in the last new chat
  • AI Model Picker: The model information popover now only appears after changing the currently selected model
  • Export: Added an export action for Snippets and AI Commands. This lets you save the selected item as JSON file.
  • New command: Run Last Command, runs the last command you performed.

🐞 Fixes

  • Root Search: Fixed immediate pop to root search after using global shortcut with input
  • Shortcuts: Fixed issue where no shortcuts were being detected
  • Shortcuts: Improved detection of shortcuts icons and parameters
  • AI Commands: Fixed the issue where the diff highlighting feature was not appearing for some users
  • AI Chat: Fixed an issue which prevented the reference popover from appearing for chat messages
  • Search Files: The “Show in Finder” action should now always bring the Finder window to the front
  • App: Improved reliability of app activation when opening the AI Chat or Settings window
  • App: When closing the AI Chat or Settings window the frontmost application should now be activated