v1.76.0June 6, 2024

🔗 Dynamic Placeholders in Quicklinks

Unleash the power of Quicklinks with a whole new set of Dynamic Placeholders! You can now use the same Dynamic Placeholders in Quicklinks as in Snippets and AI Commands. And with Modifiers, you can now decide whether an argument will be percent-encoded or not


✨ New

  • AI Chat Presets are now available in root search. So you can quickly open a new chat based on a preset and assign a hotkey or alias to frequently used ones

💎 Improvements

  • AI Chat: Improved keyboard navigation by highlighting toolbar elements
  • AI Chat: When created via a preset, new chats display the preset name and icon in the status bar
  • AI Chat Presets: You can now set a custom icon for your presets 🤪
  • AI Image Generation: Quick Look action directly displays the image without a submenu. You can also double-click an image to Quick Look
  • Root Search: Improved matching logic to avoid triggering calculator when typing query like “2fa”

🐞 Fixes

  • Theme Studio: A tooltip now appears when hovering the color hex info icon
  • AI Chat: Fixed an issue where the setting status icon size could be incorrect
  • AI Image Generation: Creating image placeholder is not shown anymore when reloading an already generated image
  • Window Management: Fixed an issue that prevented hotkeys and aliases from being synced for custom Window Management commands
  • Cloud Sync: Fixed an issue where hotkeys and aliases were not registered correctly after fetching remote changes
  • Misc: Fix main window opening in incorrect screen when displays share one space
  • System Settings: Fix Network command opening Wi-Fi pane