v1.65.0January 10, 2024

🧠 AI Emoji Suggestions

Ever tried to find one of those 🤸, 🌾, or 🥴 emojis? Some emojis are not very intuitive to search for. But now, with our AI Emoji Suggestions, that's a thing of the past. Simply type what you're looking for, and Raycast AI will find the most relevant emojis for you. It's seamlessly integrated into our Emoji Picker, so you don't have to learn any new tricks.

The suggestions are triggered as a fallback if no other emojis match. If you want to trigger suggestions manually, use the "Search with AI" action or press Tab.

This small change actually has a significant impact on the everyday use of the Emoji Picker. Plus, it also works with languages other than English. Give it a try!

Note: The suggestions require a Raycast Pro subscription.

Release - suggested emoji - v1 65 0

✨ New

  • Clipboard History: Added an action to edit the content of a history item.
  • Changelog: Added an action to copy a link for sharing the release notes.

💎 Improvements

  • Window Capture: You can now set a custom wallpaper image to use for metadata images via Raycast Settings → Advanced → Window Capture.
  • Date Picker: Future dates will be prioritized when parsing the date, f.e. if you type “8 am” and it’s already “10am”, then the parsed date will be “tomorrow 8am”.
  • Switch Windows: The user can now switch to focused windows in other spaces.
  • Preferences: Added advanced settings for alternative page navigation keys.
  • Preferences: Improved visibility of the uninstall option for deprecation extensions
  • Calculator: Added preference to define rem/em to pixel conversion rate.
  • Grabbing your text selection is now faster when accessibility permission is enabled.

🐞 Fixes

  • Snippets: Fixed issue when the cursor was being repositioned slowly.
  • Snippets: Fixed problem with a count increasing twice when pasting to an active app.
  • Switch Windows: Fixed focus staying on floating windows when switching to another app.
  • Clipboard History: Replaced “Open In Browser” action with “Open With ”.
  • Search Menu Items: Added missing navigation glyphs for menu items shortcuts.
  • Calculator: Disabled localized capitalization for spelled out numbers which resulted in incorrect characters.
  • Calculator: Fixed expanding layout by trimming whitespaces for the query view.
  • Preferences: Fixed problems with deprecation tooltip appearance.