v1.61.0November 2, 2023

🌐 Smarter Quick AI

Raycast Quick AI now has access to real-time web results, providing you with answers that are more up-to-date, accurate, and relevant. You can now ask about recent events and get a great concise answer in a matter of seconds, with access to the sources used. Try it out by typing anything in Root Search and hitting Tab!

Note: Quick AI is part of our paid PRO subscription


⚡ Shortcuts Improvements

We have enhanced Siri Shortcuts integration in Raycast making them more efficient and reliable. The new engine improves Shortcuts discovery and does so with fewer resources than before. It also fixes multiple issues reported by the community such as incorrect display after a Shortcut is edited.

✨ New

  • A new {snippet} Dynamic Placeholder is available in both Snippets and AI Commands. It allows you to reference another snippet and insert its content

💎 Improvements

  • Calendar: conferences should be recognized correctly
  • Emoji: Added the Black Diamond Minus White X symbol ❖

🐞 Fixes

  • Clipboard: Fixed some issues where very old entries were being deleted
  • Clipboard: Improved performance on clipboard entries filtering
  • Clipboard: Now ignores passwords inserted using the system Auto Fill service.
  • Floating Notes: Fixed an issue where Toggle Floating Notes Focus didn’t work on macOS Sonoma
  • Floating Notes: Fixed an issue where copied text was not compatible with Universal Clipboard
v1.60.0October 18, 2023

🧞 GPT-4 for Teams


Back in July, we made your Mac even smarter with GPT-4. Today, we're excited to announce that GPT-4 is available to teams! You and your team can now enjoy the same enhanced capabilities and smart features that have already benefited our Pro plan subscribers. Upgrade to OpenAI's most capable model to use it in Raycast's AI Chat and AI Commands. The model is great for tasks that require more creativity or advanced reasoning.

Note: GPT-4 is a paid add-on to the Raycast Team plan, priced at $8 per user per month when billed annually.

💎 Improvements

  • AI Commands: The GPT-3.5 Turbo Instruct model is now available. It is a replacement for the Davinci 3 model.
  • AI Chat: Scrolling now supports pagination, so longer chats should load more quickly.
  • Snippets: Improve reliability and reduce snippet injection delay.
  • Snippets: Add detection of writing while injection.
  • Misc: You can now customize the PATH environment variable passed when launching applications in Raycast. To do so edit /etc/paths and restart Raycast.

🐞 Fixes

  • Calculator: Fixed an issue where the would sometimes show an incorrect unit label.
  • Quicklinks: Copying a Quicklink in Root Search now includes any arguments.
  • Theme Studio: Fixed an issue where the window would only open on the primary or secondary display, regardless of where the Raycast window is located.
  • Theme Studio: Reverting changes now updates the inspector correctly.
  • Settings: Raycast will no longer freeze when toggling the Applications group in Settings → Extensions.
  • AI Chat: Removed extra padding at the bottom when copying chats as an image.
  • File Search: Raycast will now prompt for permissions when searching files stored in iCloud Drive.
  • Fixed an issue where the Script Running… toast would hang around after the script finished executing.
  • Fixed an issue where extensions’ changelog would not have the correct formatting.
  • Fixed an issue where auto-input switching would not respect document’s input source.
  • Fixed an issue where Show Desktop command stopped working on macOS Sonoma.
  • Fixed an issue where 1Password would not open from Raycast.
v1.59.0September 21, 2023

🖥️ Sonoma ready


Raycast is ready for the release of macOS Sonoma next week. In Sonoma, you can add websites to the Dock from Safari's File menu. Your web apps are available in Raycast like any other app 🎉

💾 Scheduled Exports (Pro)

Scheduled Exports back up your Settings, Quicklinks, Snippets, Notes, AI Chats, and Raycast data, just like the command Export Settings & Data. Pro users can now set a schedule to back up their Raycast configuration automatically. You can also define how many backups they want to keep. Exports complement Cloud Sync, providing a complete local backup of your Raycast configuration.

To schedule exports, open Raycast Settings → Advanced → Configure Export Schedule.

💎 Improvements

  • My Schedule: Icon is now dynamically showing the current date.
  • Dynamic Placeholders: Automatically set the selection in the right place when inserting a placeholder.

🐞 Fixes

  • Dynamic Placeholders: Fixed an issue where the auto-completion suggestions weren’t updating when deleting a character.
  • Dynamic Placeholders: Fixed an issue where the auto-completion suggestions would show an empty list.
  • Screenshots: Enumerating screenshots is now more resilient to failures.
  • Root Search: Remove leak of internal/experimental commands in suggestions.
  • Root Search: Support searching apps by English names when using a non-English language.
  • Misc: Pasting multiple items into another app no longer erroneously includes previous clipboard contents.
v1.58.0September 6, 2023

🛠️ Bug fixes and improvements


💎 Improvements

  • Quick AI: The initial query will now properly be added to the history.
  • AI: Chat now inherits model and creativity when opening a command in AI Chat.
  • Pro Plan: Added hints for subscription-related problems.

🐞 Fixes

  • Fixed the Uninstall action showing the wrong app name for certain apps.
  • Fixed the "in 2 week" date suggestion being off by one week.
  • AI: Fixed missing user message when copying chat as an image.
  • AI: Fixed syntax highlighting when copying chat as an image.
  • AI: Fixed incorrect message separator when copying chat as text.
  • AI: Fixed regenerate action for commands in AI Chat.
  • Launch At Login: Fixed problems with permissions preventing Raycast from starting at login.
v1.57.0August 9, 2023

💬 Raycast Translator (Pro)


Announcing the Raycast Translator - the quickest way to translate. Simply type or dictate your text, and the language will be detected automatically. It supports over 100 languages and you can even listen to the translated text to learn how to say it. Why not give it a try?! Viel Spaß!

Note: The command is part of our paid Pro subscription. You can use the Google Translate or Deepcast extensions as free alternatives.

✨ New

  • AI: Continue your “Translate” command translations in the AI Chat to add more context.

💎 Improvements

  • GPT-4 subscription: added an option to cancel a subscription on the account settings page.
  • Window Switcher: Pre-select the last active window.
  • Snippets: Reduce default time inserting snippet content.
  • Calendar: Pause auto-refresh on sleep, and resume it on wake up.
  • Calendar: Add a new CSS4 option to copy a color (following the new format rgb(red green blue / alpha))

🐞 Fixes

  • Root Search: Reduce rank of exact name matching for entries with 3 letters or less (e.g. AI).
  • Root Search: Improved app running indicator to properly differentiate between apps that have the same bundleID (such as Xcode and Xcode Beta).
  • Extensions: Fixed a bug where extension passwords would sometimes not appear in settings after syncing.
  • Script Commands: Fixed a bug where script command aliases, hotkeys and disabled commands which not sync correctly if the client’s macOS username was not the same.
  • File Search: Fixed a bug where some files would not appear in directory listings.
v1.56.0July 27, 2023

💫 GPT-4 Everywhere on Your Mac


Well, your Mac just got even smarter with GPT-4! Upgrade to OpenAI's most capable model to use it in Raycast's AI Chat and AI Commands. The model is great for tasks that require more creativity or advanced reasoning.

Note: GPT-4 is a paid add-on of Raycast Pro, priced at $8 per month when billed annually. This add-on will be available for Teams soon.

✨ New

  • AI Chat Deeplinks: You can create links to any AI Chat conversation via the Copy Chat Deeplink action. Together with Quicklinks, you can now include specific chats in Raycast’s root search.

💎 Improvements

  • Calculator: The color detection matches the CSS spec more closely (meaning it can now detect colors like rgb(255 10 50 / 50%).
  • Flight Tracker: Terminal info is now displayed in the flight tracker detail view.
  • Emoji & Symbols: Updated the grid layout. The small size is more compact, and the large size has been refined.
  • Snippets: Increase Snippets keywords limit to 30 characters.
  • AI-Commands: Built-in commands now use gpt-3.5-turbo model with up to 16k context
  • AI: Added scroll to bottom button in Quick AI and AI Chat
  • AI: Improved auto-scrolling behavior to prevent messages from being hidden during response generation

🐞 Fixes

  • Window Switcher: Remove duplicate entries.
  • Settings: Fixed bug regarding Raycast not launching at Login.
  • AI Chat: PageUp and PageDown now work correctly
v1.55.0July 6, 2023

✒️ Highlighting of Changes


The Fix Spelling and Grammar AI Command has been subtly updated and now highlights the changes it has made. This highlighting helps you to identify if your original text has been corrected. It's just a small quality of life improvement.

✨ New

  • AI Chat: Added a Clear Chat action to clear all messages in the current chat.

💎 Improvements

  • Dynamic Placeholders: Parsing errors are now highlighted inline. Hovering the error provides more information about the issue.
  • Export: We no longer included app metadata in the rayconfig file when Settings export is disabled.
  • Performance: Improved performance for opening Raycast after pressing the hotkey

🐞 Fixes

  • AI Chat: Fixed an issue where the chat would jump to the bottom when completing.
  • AI Chat: Chats are now saved correctly after running an Ask AI command.
  • AI Chat: Performance improvements when loading the chat actions menu.
  • AI Commands: Hotkeys and aliases should now sync correctly for built-in commands.
  • Settings: Quick AI settings now update correctly after syncing changes.
  • Export: Fixed a bug where the Export Settings & Data primary action could be incorrectly disabled.
v1.54.0June 22, 2023

✨ Raycast AI Goodies

New improvements make Raycast AI more powerful, allowing you to customize it to your needs and have it in sync across all your Macs.


  • Customize AI Chat: Configure the creativity and system prompt of AI chats to create personal assistants, such as for programming
  • Capture Context: Use the Send to AI Chat command to quickly capture selected text. It's perfect for adding content from different apps and websites to your chat
  • Cloud Sync: Your AI Chats are now synced across all your Macs, making it easy to start a conversation on one and continue it on another

⚡ New Snippet Injection Engine

We’ve re-written the Snippets Injection Engine from the ground up to make it more reliable and performant and consume less resources. We have also added better support for the {cursor} placeholder and improved the injection cancellation behavior.

✨ New

  • Calendar: My Schedule now has pagination, allowing you to load more than just next month’s events. We actually released this in 1.53.0, but forgot to add it to the changelog 🤷‍♀️

💎 Improvements

  • Quicklinks: Added an Open With… action to quickly open a link with a custom application
  • Search Emoji: Added actions to move pinned items up and down the list
  • Search Emoji: The Frequently Used algorithm is now smarter and should more accurately reflect your usage
  • Search Emoji: You can now search for emoji using the unicode value e.g. U+1F642
  • Export: AI Chats and custom themes are now included in rayconfig exports

🐞 Fixes

  • Snippets: Fixed double snippet injection issues when on immediate default mode
  • Snippets: Enable/Disable snippet injection after manual changes in the System Settings
  • Settings: “Battery” and “Headphones” System Settings commands now work correctly on Ventura
  • Search Emoji: Fixed actions for the Paste with Skin Tone… and Copy with Skin Tone… actions
  • AI Chat: Deleting text in the composer should no longer stall or lag
  • Contacts: Fixed crashes when two contacts have the same identifier
  • Calendar: Fixed event list not updating when an event was deleted or created
v1.53.0June 7, 2023

📑 Placeholders in AI Commands


Improve your prompts with additional context by adding Dynamic Placeholders. You can choose from the selected text, your clipboard history, or up to three arguments to input additional text. Create versatile AI Commands, like translate {selection} to French or write a blog post about {argument name="Topic"} for {argument name="Target Audience"}.

Note: We migrated previous AI Commands to use the selection placeholder.

✨ New

  • Emoji & Symbols: You can now find unicode symbols in the Search Emoji command (now renamed Search Emoji & Symbols).
  • Emoji & Symbols: You can now pin emoji and symbols to keep them at the top of the results.
  • Emoji & Symbols: You can now filter emoji and symbols by their category.
  • Emoji & Symbols: You can now set the display size for emoji in the command’s preferences.
  • Emoji & Symbols: The selected emoji name is now displayed in the action bar.
  • AI Chat: New action to submit a message without generating a response. It’s useful for accumulating context in a chat.

💎 Improvements

  • Calendar: Improved detection for conference calls in calendar events created by Microsoft Outlook or Office 365.
  • Snippets: Hide {cursor} suggestion if there is already one cursor placeholder used.
  • Snippets: Added support for inserting the second to last copied text with {clipboard offset=1}
  • Create AI Command: When editing an existing command, a draft is only created if the command is changed.

🐞 Fixes

  • Change the “Turn Volume Up” command to unmute as well if necessary.
  • Pro Plan: Fixed problems with the Pro Plan management and billings on the account page.
  • Quick AI: Fixed issue with Tab not working when search bar was empty and the selected command had an alias
  • Search AI Commands: The frontmost application indicator is now visible.
v1.52.0May 24, 2023

😱 New Emojis


It’s time to express yourself with a new set of emojis. Now available in the built-in Emoji Picker that you can use across all apps. We recommend assigning a hotkey, e.g. Space.

Note: macOS 13.3 or later is required for emoji 15.0

✨ New

  • AI Chat: Added the new action “Copy Chat as Image” to quickly create a shareable image of the conversation
  • Theme Studio: Themes now sync between all your Macs if you have Cloud Sync enabled [Pro Plan required].

💎 Improvements

  • Emoji: The inline emoji picker now uses the same alias names as Slack and Github, for example: :smile:
  • Theme Studio: Added filter for dark/light themes
  • Theme Studio: The color indicators in the inspector now have borders to improve accessibility
  • Theme Studio: Added markdown example with a code block in the preview
  • AI Chat: Format user messages in Markdown
  • AI Chat: Enabled auto-scroll when selecting text.
  • AI Chat: Disabled smart quotes and smart dashes in the assistant response.
  • AI Chat: Chat text now respects the app text size setting.
  • AI Chat: Chat is now auto-saved after the first assistant response.
  • AI Commands: More reliable capturing of selected text in apps like Spark
  • AI Commands: Respect new lines for Direct Paste/Insert

🐞 Fixes

  • AI Chat: Fixed an issue where E and A would scroll instead of moving the cursor
  • AI Chat: Make toast respect active custom theme
  • AI Chat: Fixed inline code block rendering.
  • AI Chat: Selecting text in the chat no longer steals focus from the composer**.**
  • Emoji: Favorites now respect the chosen skin tone.
  • Define Word: Fixed an issue where history wouldn’t be displayed
  • Themes: Fixed an issue that might have caused displaying the wrong theme for system appearance
  • Pro Plan: Fixed problems with subscription management.
  • Store: Fixed installation of extensions when directly from in-browser Store
  • Misc: Fixed an issue where the Command Palette would sometimes not dismiss after showing a submenu.