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Take your team up a level with easy-to-use tools, effortless templates and efficient workflows.

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Empower your teams to build better processes, for a better workplace.

Extend your internal processes
Private Extensions

Unlock your team’s potential with custom extensions

With great teams come great processes. Using our developer API, create and publish extensions to your organization’s Private Extension Store for your team to install.

Build extensions to quickly access company brand assets, log feedback, book time off, or search your employee index.

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Shareable Quicklinks
Shared Quicklinks

No more “where’s the link
you shared yesterday?”

Convert long links into simple bookmarks for the whole team to access. Jump in to GitHub repos, open up project documentation and revisit the latest prototypes, effortlessly. Even set up your new members with everything they need, much faster.

With Shared Quicklinks, it’s easy to get everyone on the same page.

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Shared Snippets
Shared Snippets

Cut time and save hassle to communicate more efficiently

Write faster by using Shared Snippets to store and insert the text your teams use most. Create canned responses to help with support, easily give code reviews in a set format and embed consistency across documentation.

Expand them automatically with a keyword, to write more while typing less. All in a snip.

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  • Up to 5 Shared Commands
  • Up to 30 Shared Quicklinks
  • Up to 30 Shared Snippets
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Paid Teams Plan$10 per user, per monthCreate Organization
What’s included
  • Unlimited Shared Commands
  • Unlimited Shared Quicklinks
  • Unlimited Shared Snippets
  • Private Store

Easily customizable extension templates

Quickly set up your first Private Extension and speed up common workflows that best suit your team’s needs.

Power up your team
Feedback form

Let your team share actionable feedback about features in development, to speed up shipping.

Power up your team
Design system color picker

Make your design system available to everybody in your company with quick access to colors, icons, and more.

Power up your team
Employee index

Build an index to search and get to know your teammates better. And make it easy for new joiners to discover your organization.

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