Answers to the most frequently asked questions.

How is Raycast different to Spotlight?

Apple’s Spotlight is a search for apps, documents and files on your Mac as well as contextual information such as news or weather.

Raycast provides a much richer feature set compared to Spotlight. On top of searching local apps and files, it provides commands to query and control third party services such as Jira, GitHub, and G Suite, amongst others. Raycast’s command line inspired user interface goes beyond searching data. Forms make it easy to create new content such as Jira issues, and the Action Panel is used to perform actions such as merging a GitHub pull request. We concentrate on providing a fluid UX through out the app.

In addition, Raycast can be extended with Script Commands. Our flexible API lets developers build custom extensions that can be shared within teams or communities.

How is Raycast different to Alfred?

Alfred is an app to search your Mac and the web with hotkeys, keywords, text expansions and more. Workflows are used to extend its functionality.

Compared to Alfred, Raycast provides much deeper and more native integrations to third party services. The rich user interface includes forms, lists, detail views and an Action Panel. These elements enable users to control tools such as Jira, GitHub and others without ever opening a browser. Raycast comes with built-in extensions for Jira, GitHub and G Suite amongst others to provide an initial productivity boost. Script Commands allow to tailor the experience even further. And an upcoming native API for custom extensions will allow teams to build internal plug-ins.

What is the pricing for Raycast?

While we are in public beta, Raycast is available for free. Eventually, we are planning to introduce paid features for power users and teams. The core features will remain free.

What data does Raycast track?

We respect privacy and never collect any sensitive data. Some interactions in the app are tracked anonymously. For instance, we save usage statistics and error reports to constantly fix bugs and improve our product.

How does Raycast handle my data?

Raycast is a pure Mac citizen which doesn’t require a web account with a login. Sensitive data is encrypted and stored locally. Extensions communicate with third party services directly and users sign in through the industry-standard OAuth protocol. Credentials are stored securely in your Keychain.

Is Raycast available on Windows or Linux?

We want to nail the app for macOS first. Afterwards we will apply our learnings to the Windows and Linux clients.