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Our values

Applying our values is what helps us thrive, enjoy what we do, and ship our best work.


We get things done and have a bias towards action. We run a marathon and not a sprint. Though it's still a race.


We keep things simple and prefer pragmatic solutions over complicated abstractions. We cut away cargo cult.


We communicate early and often. We don’t have secrets but respect privacy and are honest if things went bad.


All of us own a piece of Raycast and we trust each other to do what they think is best for the company.


We don’t settle on mediocrity and choose quality over quantity. Even if the solutions are harder.


We come from different backgrounds and reflect our diverse community. We treat each other as we want to be treated.


We’re a team who previously helped build products for millions of people across the internet at Spotify, Facebook, Zoho, Google, HackerOne, Notion, and more.

Folks so far

Our team is spread across 9 countries, 3 timezones, 2 continents, and we believe working fast, simple, and transparent, leads to a higher quality level of work, where we trust and respect our colleagues.

Despite being fully-remote, we’ve still found time to meet up in our yearly retreats, such as Dubai 2021 (left), and bond over food, drink, and activities like golf and quad-biking.

How we work

It’s important that you enjoy your job, and love your life outside of work.

Time for actual work

We have one meeting with the entire team per week – that’s it. We work autonomously, communicate asynchronously and collaborate ad-hoc. Every week, we demo what we’ve accomplished.

Rayday New in 2022

Some of our most-loved features, such as Floating Notes, and tools like have come from hackdays. That’s why Fridays are for hacking.

Take a step away from your team work for a day, and build whatever you like. Hack on a new extension, explore new design system components, or tidy up Notion. It’s up to you!

Fast moving

Our aim is to continue making the best product we can. We bias to action and shipped 37 releases in 2021, including big features such as our Extensions API and hundreds of bug fixes and improvements.

Modern tooling

We surround ourselves with the best work tools available. Figma, Linear, Notion, Cron, you name it. This environment sets the standard for our software.

Yearly meetups

Once a year we bring the entire team together. In 2021, we rented a villa in Dubai where we launched our Extensions API, drove quad bikes in the desert and competed in top golf. We can’t wait to see where it takes us this year.

Work on something you use, and our users love

All of us use Raycast every single day. We have internal extensions to write weekly updates, ship releases and more. It makes a huge difference if you build something that you actually use. Many features came out of our daily problems.

Fully distributed team

We are a fully distributed company with 16 people, 3 dogs and 5 cats in 9 countries. Everybody works on the schedule that fits them best. It allows us to structure our work around our lives and not the other way around.

Want to work in a warm city during the winter? Go for it. If you’re at lunch or you’re taking your dog for a walk during the day, set your Slack status so the rest of your team knows about it.

Cut out the s#!%

Many of us left companies because bureaucracy killed product development. We are here to build a great product with like-minded people. Everything else doesn’t matter.

We have fun

It isn’t all work and no play. We get together regularly to play games, make pancakes or other virtual activities. Our #watercooler Slack channel is jammed with photos outside of work and weekend plans.

We care about design

Design is at the heart of the product and team. Every pixel and every detail matters.

From icons, to the UI in both dark and light mode, illustrations, social media content, it all belongs to the same story.

Collaborate with a community

Get direct feedback from passionate users, who actively contribute to the product with 600+ script commands and 200+ extensions, and work with the community to make Raycast even better.

Our benefits

We put people first and want to empower everybody at Raycast to do your best work.

Competitive salary

We pay you a location independent rate

Stock options

We don't treat "act like an owner" as a phrase

End of year bonus

We value going the extra mile

Parental leave

We provide 3 months paid time off

Flexible time off

We recommend at least 25 days

Build your workspace

Order your own equipment to onboard

Corporate card

Use it on whatever makes you productive

Health perks

From insurance to gym. Stay healthy!

Open positions

Work from home, or from wherever makes you happy. All positions are fully remote in UTC ± 3 hours timezone

Refer a Developer Advocate and get a $15k bonus for a successful candidate.

Hiring process

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