v1.73.0May 8, 2024

⚠️ If you’re running Raycast 1.69 or 1.70, please make sure to manually update the app by running the Check for Updates command or by clicking this link ⚠️

⌨️ Typing Practice


With this command it couldn’t be easier to practice your keyboard skills. Use the Start Typing Practice command to begin improving your WPM (words per minute). Make sure to share your score with us by copying the score card as an image ⌘C 😍

To bring the best typing experience to the Mac, we collaborated with Monkeytype - check them out!

✨ New

  • Emoji Search: You can now add custom keywords to make your emoji search more personal. Just hit E on an emoji and customize your keywords. For example, add "psst" for 🤫, or use your native language, like "schnecke", which is German for 🐌.
    • Pro users get a little extra with AI Emoji Suggestions. Previously used suggestions are added as custom keywords, making it even faster to find your favorite emojis. You can toggle this behavior in Settings → Extensions → Search Emoji & Symbols → Save AI-generated custom keywords.
  • AI Chat: You can now set the default settings to use when creating a new chat. Head to Settings → Extensions → AI Chat → New Chat Settings. You can choose from Last Used Settings, an AI Chat Preset or a model.

💎 Improvements

  • Date Pickers: You can now enter things like “in 1h and 10min” and the Date Picker will suggest the corresponding date
  • Snippets: Support for up to 15k simultaneous snippet aliases
  • Search AI Chat Presets: Added an action to set the selected preset as the default for new chats
  • Open Camera: Added a setting to exclude wallpaper from the photo

🐞 Fixes

  • Settings: Fixed issue where disabling the root Shortcuts preference did not disable underlying shortcuts
  • AI: Resolved timeout issues with certain models
  • Browser Extension: Fixed an issue when multiple users were trying to use Raycast and its Browser Extension on the same computer
  • AI Chat Presets: Fixed an issue which prevented imported presets from syncing
  • Extensions: Fixed an issue where extension passwords could sometimes be reset after syncing
  • Root Search: Fixed an issue where hotkeys or aliases could be reset after syncing
  • UI: Fixed incorrect layout of grid item titles in some circumstances
  • Raycast Settings: Fixed command selecting when search filter is on
  • Root Search: Removed popping to root when any alert is showing