October 13, 2021

πŸ€– Extensions API & Store Beta


It's happening! After months of testing, we are finally opening up the Raycast API for public beta. This is a big milestone for our community. A massive shoutout to everybody who helped us shape the API.

During the beta period, we want to further iron out the API and the developer experience before we fully incorporate the Store into the app for everybody.

Please check out our documentation on how to build extensions and participate in beta testing. Similar to script-commands we have an extensions repository where you can find all the extensions published in the Store.

We can't wait to see what you will come up with πŸ€—

✨ New

  • You can now use Search Browser Bookmark as a Fallback Command

πŸ’Ž Improvements

  • You can now navigate to any extension in Preferences directly from the root search using the new Configure Extension action (Pro Tip: Shortcut is ⌘ βŒ₯ ,)

🐞 Fixes

  • The Calculator now automatically handles daylight times when working with Eastern and Pacific time zones
  • Command + 1...9 shortcuts now work as expected in the Search Menu Items command
September 23, 2021

⚑️macOS Shortcuts


You might've spotted a tweet earlier in the week, hinting at something new. Well, the wait is now over. Searching your Shortcuts on Mac, and launching them from Raycast in macOS Monterey is here.

Search for your shortcuts title, and they will appear in your search results. Just hit ↡ to run the shortcut, and watch the magic unfold all from Raycast.

✨ New

  • Raycast now supports opening Calendar events in Fantastical. If Fantastical is your default Calendar, this will work out of the box. To change it manually, go to Preferences β†’ Extensions β†’ My Schedule and select your default calendar application from the right pane
  • You can also configure for how long an event should show in the root search from the starting time. You will also find it in My Schedule preferences

πŸ’Ž Improvements

  • Root: Added action to hide a running application
  • Calculator now supports both comma and period as decimal separators if your system setting has comma as the decimal separator and space as the grouping separator
  • Improved text parsing in Calculator so that it does not treat hyphens in text as minus and answers queries like "week of year"
  • New applications now appear faster in the root search

🐞 Fixes

  • The calendars you have enabled will now be backed up as expected when you using Export Preferences & Data command
  • Fixed a crash in Calculator when dealing with extremely large numbers invoked by scientific terms
  • Fixed a rare crash which happened when opening Raycast Preferences
  • Fixed an issue which disabled hotkeys in certain keyboard layouts
September 10, 2021

πŸ” Customize Fallback Commands


You can now use Quicklinks and Script Commands with single arguments as fallback commands, as well as sort them to fit your needs.

You've probably seen these in Raycast, when your search term doesn't have any matching result. It was a list of pre-defined commands like File Search, Google Search etc. Now, you can customize the list by clicking the new Settings icon, next to the title of the list section.

✨ New

  • Quicklinks now support default values for parameters. Just insert a colon after the placeholder and type your default value. You can learn more about them here
  • Clipboard History: You can now configure applications that you wish to ignore in the clipboard history. By default we already ignore transitive and sensitive information. Head over to Preferences β†’ Extensions β†’ Clipboard History to set it up

πŸ’Ž Improvements

  • Calculator: Now supports more natural language parsing like "one year ago", "half of 30% of half of 100" and "five minus three"
  • Calculator: Now displays extremely large numbers and small number using scientific notation rather than the previously used SI notation
  • My Schedule: Action panel will have "Join Event" as primary action for today's events
  • My Schedule: Added an "Open in Maps" action for events with a location
  • Quicklinks: Create Quicklink form now permits URLs without a scheme e.g. ""
  • Snippets: Added a warning in the Snippet preferences if another application has enabled "Secure Input" and is blocking snippet expansion
  • Snippets: Expansion now works correctly in Microsoft Outlook
  • Improved performance in the root search

🐞 Fixes

  • Scripts: Invalid script encoding is now detected by Raycast, letting the user re-encode for successful execution (very common in AppleScripts after using the Script Editor)
  • Bookmarks: Full-disk access is only requested when strictly necessary (e.g. if Safari is selected as targeted browser)
  • Jira: Better handling of "No cloud id available" error during authorization
  • Root Search now detects URLs more reliably and helps you open in browser or create a Quicklink easily.
  • Fixed an issue with hotkeys not working in some rare cases by improving detection of keyboard layout changes
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a crash in a background
  • Fixed a bug where the pasted content in the clipboard history wasn't up-ranked
  • Fixed a bug which could prevent new apps, script commands and quicklinks from appearing in Root Search
  • Fixed a bug where Floating Notes were not restored correctly if toggled very quickly
August 25, 2021

Export/import preferences and data


Use Raycast on more than one Mac or like to backup your custom Raycast config? Now you can easily transfer or backup your preferences and data, with the new export and import feature.

Use the "Export Preferences & Data" command to export preferences, aliases, hotkeys, favourites, snippets, quicklinks, floating notes and other data to a "rayconfig" file. Later you can import this configuration file, using the "Import Preferences & Data" command, on the same mac or start just where you left off on a new mac.

✨ New

  • Search Menu Items: You can now disable apps in which you do not want to use the command, thus helping you continue with your favourite command palette in apps that support it while using the same shortcut to bring up this Raycast command for other apps. Go to Preferences β†’ Extensions β†’ Search Menu Items and select apps on the right pane.
  • Snippets: We've added a new "After Delimiter" expansion mode. In this mode, the keyword will only be expanded after entering a delimiter e.g. space or punctuation. You can now also configure the delay before immediate expansion.
  • File Search: You can now choose in preferences to search file contents, in addition to the default file name search.

πŸ’Ž Improvements

  • Clipboard history: Added actions to remove recent entries
  • Clipboard history: Added option to store up to three months of copied content
  • Contacts: Added name to the Action Panel for more context
  • Improve on-login start performance
  • Search Menu Items: Search Results are no longer grouped into sections of the top-level menu and are now sorted according to the match in the menu item, helping you reach the item you need with fewer keystrokes
  • Search Menu Items: Checkmark is now displayed near items that support it and have it enabled
  • Calculator will now stay out of the way when your search term has at least one matching command, app or quicklink. We hope you wouldn't miss it too much
  • Calculator: Large numbers (up to a Trillion) is now displayed in full with local specific separators
  • File search: Now prompts for "Removable Volume" access permission if required. This enables file search on removable media such as USB sticks or hard drives.
  • File search: Down-score results in ~/Library/Group Containers
  • Window Management: Added a "Center Two Thirds" command.
  • All items in the Extension Preferences are now sorted alphabetically
  • Applications, script commands and quicklinks can now be drag'n'dropped out of root search

🐞 Fixes

  • Common navigation shortcuts of Raycast such as ⌘ W, ⌘ βŽ‹ and custom shortcuts you have assigned in Raycast will now work inside the Search Menu Items command as well
  • The Configure Command action panel item (⌘ ⇧ ,) on the root search will now always take you to the exact command in Preferences even if you are in a different tab or have a filter turned on
  • Disabled apps and quicklinks will now be hidden as expected when you turn on the Show only enabled filter in Extension Preferences
  • Special characters like +, & are now encoded properly when you pass them to a Quicklink or Script Command
  • Jira: Fixed an issue with the Due Date format that could cause Create Issue command to fail in certain regions
  • Scripts: Fixed an issue that would prevent TypeScript script commands from showing up in Raycast
  • Auto Input Switcher: Fixed an issue where Raycast wouldn't switch back to Pinyin input source after closing window with auto input switcher enabled
  • File Search: Fixed a crash when entering '%@' as a search term.
July 29, 2021

🀫 Silent Updates

We've been continuously releasing updates throughout the last year to improve the app based on your feedback. Usually, we group smaller changes together with a highlighted feature. But sometimes we want to ship a small fix or improvement without making a big fuss out of it. Today we're introducing Silent Updates to iterate even quicker. Silent Updates install in the background, they don't have any release notes and you most likely won't notice them.

Going forward we'll still release regular updates but use Silent Updates for smaller bug fixes and iterations on our upcoming API, which we are currently alpha testing. More on the latter soon πŸ˜‰

πŸ’Ž Improvements

  • Root Search: Add support for detecting apps or preferences via symlinked folders
  • Root Search: Add a new general action to reset the ranking of an item – you can use it to get rid of upranked search result items that you don't open often anymore
  • G Suite: Trashed Google Drive files are not shown in search results anymore
  • Calculator: Now displays results up to 10 decimal places and spells out results properly up to 2^54 (18 Quadrillion...)
  • Snippets: Add expansion options in preferences. You can now choose to expand a keyword immediately or only after entering a delimiter (such as space or a punctuation character)
  • Bookmarks: Display browser icon as a fallback if favicon is unavailable
  • Search Menu Items: Improved matching algorithm and added support for fuzzy search
  • Add a new icon for the dynamic Open in Browser command
  • Improve cold start performance, enhance in-app updates

🐞 Fixes

  • Search: Fixed an issue with a wrong ranking of results that have not been visited recently. (If needed, please run the new "Reset Ranking" action on an item in root search.)
  • Search Menu Items: Items with all submenus disabled will no longer show up
  • Fixed issue with Create Quicklink command not getting disabled properly in some cases
  • Zoom: Fixed broken authorization that would end up showing "Invalid scope" error on Zoom's website
  • Script Commands: Don't pop to root automatically if the script is still running
  • Misc: Fixed an issue where automatic input switching didn't switch back to the previous language after closing Raycast
July 13, 2021

πŸ”Ž Menu Items Search

Search through all menu items of the frontmost application with our latest addition to the Navigation extension. The Search Menu Items command is a great way to discover the functionality of an app without lifting your fingers from the keyboard.

✨ Pro tip: Use a global hotkey to open the Search Menu Items command, e.g. βŒ₯ M.

πŸ’Ž Improvements

  • Linear: Add support for the new Issue Triage. Set the Triage status in the Create Issue command to add issues to your Triage team inbox. If an issue is assigned to you and has the Triage status assigned, you'll see it on the top in the Assigned Issues command.
  • Script Commands: Raycast will pop to root in fullOutput mode after a timeout same way as other commands.

🐞 Fixes

  • Linear: Fixed a bug where Linear Create Issue command would not work for some users
  • Switch Windows: Fixed issues that might have caused Raycast to crash in the background
July 01, 2021

πŸͺŸ Switch Windows

List all open windows of your running applications and switch instantly. Search for window titles or app names and use the action panel to perform common window or application related actions.

✨ New

  • Window Management: Use presets to assign default hotkeys of Magnet, Rectangle, or Spectacle to window management commands via Raycast Preferences β†’ Extensions β†’ Window Management.

πŸ’Ž Improvements

  • Calendar: Overlapping events from previous days are now shown in the today section
  • System command: Change step size of the Turn Volume Up/Down command to 5%
  • Quicklink: Now shows favicon for links selected to open with more browsers including Vivaldi, Safari Technology Preview, and Firefox Developer Edition

🐞 Fixes

  • Calculator: Fixed issue in which strings like "time in london" showed the local time as result
  • Quicklink: Fixed issue with alias not working properly in some cases
June 16, 2021

πŸ”Ž File Search


We've been hard at work on improvements to File Search. There is a new filter menu so you can choose between searching all files on your Mac or just your user files. Results are more accurate and relevant than ever; we've also improved the algorithm, so it should be easier to surface results whether you search by name or for a specific file type. We've also improved compatibility with iCloud Drive.

✨ New

  • Script Commands: Added support for secure inputs that can be used for passing passwords to scripts. To enable add "secure": true to the argument configuration. More details in documentation.

πŸ’Ž Improvements

  • File search: Added a filter so you can search for all files on your Mac or just your user files.
  • File search: Results are more accurate and relevant; we also suppress results from system files and other locations such as ~/Library.
  • File search: Improved compatibility with iCloud Drive.
  • File search: You can now toggle the file detail view to show file paths in the results list.
  • My Schedule: Improved performance by fetching only events of the next month instead of the next quarter
  • My Schedule: Now you can join Facebook Workplace video calls straight from Raycast
  • Contacts: Added action to call phone number with iPhone
  • Calculator: Now supports conversion between any two units without needing to specify a number e.g. USD to EUR, kg to pounds...
  • Clipboard history: Added a "Save as Snippet" action to save clipboard items as a new snippet.
  • Snippets: You can now view information about a snippet, such as the modification date and copy count.

🐞 Fixes

  • Reminders: Setting due date from action panel will now be reflected in Apple's Reminders.
  • Calculator: Natural logarithm for negative values now returns error as expected.
  • Currency Conversion: Currency rates should now update correctly after refreshing.
  • Currency Conversion: Fixed aliases for Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. Added yen, won aliases for Japanese and South Koren currencies.
  • Fixed a bug (Catalina only) where the login status for some services was not updated in the user interface.
June 03, 2021

πŸ’» WWDC21


We teamed up with to make it easy to keep up with this year's schedule. You can search for all sessions by title, topic or day in Raycast. If you have the WWDC app installed, you can favorite, download and watch all videos during next week and the days after. The command will be available after the keynote. Read more about it here.

✨ New

  • Quicklinks: Added support for up to 3 arguments. Time to say good bye to more of your scripts!

πŸ’Ž Improvements

  • My Schedule: Added an action to copy the conference link of an event in case you want to share it or open it in a different browser
  • Snippets: Improved app compatibility when expanding snippets
  • Snippets: Expansion now works with non-activating apps e.g. Spotlight
  • Snippets: Correcting keywords during typing is now more reliable
  • Snippets: Expansion preserves the delimiter, if entered to trigger completion
  • Script Commands: Added /opt/homebrew/bin to default $PATH

🐞 Fixes

  • Root search: Dismissing action panel no longer selects search field text
May 26, 2021

⚑️ Snippet expansion


Snippet expansion comes to Raycast. Simply type the snippet keyword in any app to have it auto-expand in-place. It's great for emails, code, messages or just flipping the table (β•―Β°β–‘Β°)β•―οΈ΅ ┻━┻ .

To enable the expansion for existing snippets use the "Edit Snippet" action to add a keyword. You can add a keyword straight away when creating new snippets.

✨ New

  • New command to toggle Bluetooth

πŸ’Ž Improvements

  • Set function keys (F1 ... F20) as global hotkeys for apps or commands. They work with and without modifier keys
  • Window position is now persisted between launches of the app
  • Preferences: Items in the Extensions pane are now sorted alphabetically when searching
  • Quicklinks: Added a confirmation alert before deleting Quicklinks to prevent accidental deletions
  • Quicklinks: Added action to duplicate a Quicklink, just press ⌘ D with the Quicklink selected from root search. Editing is also now much easier, using ⌘ E and the same form
  • Clipboard History: Now you can drag'n'drop content out of clipboard history to other apps
  • Root Search: More locations for preference panes and nested apps from app packages are detected by default
  • Root Search: Configure any command or app by pressing ⌘ ⇧ , . It opens the preferences window and selects the item, so that you can set a hotkey or an alias easily.

🐞 Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where disabled apps showed up in the suggestions on the root search
  • Calculator: Fixed an issue with crypto conversion where Ethereum currency symbols were mixed up
  • Reminders: Fixed an issue where setting Due Date is not reflected in Apple’s Reminders apps
  • Quicklinks: Fixed an issue which leads to a crash sometimes when changing a Quicklink’s name in the preferences pane
  • Fixed regression in β€œOpen In Browser” command, which sometimes didn’t open the proper URL
May 19, 2021

🏎 Snippets


You can now create short text snippets within Raycast. Great for jotting down ideas, notes, code, or just the shopping list πŸ˜ƒ. Colors can also be stored as snippets, great for designers 🎨. You can easily copy snippets to the clipboard or paste them directly into the active application.

Use the Create Snippet command to add new snippets. View your existing snippets using the Search Snippets command. Enjoy πŸŽ‰.

✨ New

  • Window Management: New commands to make windows smaller and larger

πŸ’Ž Improvements

  • You can now paste any link into the Raycast search bar and one of the results will be the "Create Quicklink" command, which will copy the link as well
  • Create Quicklink form automatically updates the default app to open with, when you enter any link
  • Link validation is now more permissive in Create Quicklink form. If you think some app can open a link, we won't restrict that.

🐞 Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where links copied from Microsoft Edge didn't get stored by the Clipboard History
  • Fixed profile recognition in Chromium browsers (Chrome and Brave) and Firefox
  • Deleting a Quicklink will maintain the row position in the root search
  • Changing a Quicklink's name or app in the preferences will now reflect all over Raycast instantly
  • Fixed an issue where login to some services wouldn't work in Preferences
May 12, 2021

πŸ”— Quicklinks


You're going to love this! Everything you need to access quickly can be a Quicklink from now. Open frequently visited links in the browser, open project folders in your favorite IDE or Terminal, jump to your loved Spotify playlist and use queries to perform searches on Google, Dribbble or other websites. The best thing is that you can access it directly from within the root search.

Use the Create Quicklink command to add new links by specifying the name, link and the app that it should be opened with.

Go to Raycast Preferences β†’ Extensions β†’ Quicklinks to manage all your links.

πŸ’Ž Improvements

  • My Schedule: If an event is still running, it will be selected when opening the command
  • Linear: Added a preference for remembering the last selected project in Create Issue command
  • Hotkey Recorder: It's now possible to use hotkeys previously reported as used by the system when recording a hotkey

🐞 Fixes

  • Browser Bookmarks: Fixes for crashes produced by malformed Firefox .ini files and invalid bookmark entries
  • Root Search: Fixed a bug where a single search result could still be returned despite the item being disabled in preferences
  • Calendar: Declined events will no longer show up in the My Schedule Command
  • Calculator: Fixes an issue where the currency rates refresh time could be incorrect
  • Window management: Fixes an issue where resized windows sometimes fell off the screen
  • Fixed an issue for creating Linear issues without a title
  • Fixed an issue where a subtitle wouldn't be displayed for Draft items
  • Fixed an issue where multiple images wouldn't be displayed in the changelog
  • Fixed an issue where hotkeys could be unavailable after their command is removed
April 28, 2021

🦊 Firefox Bookmarks

We've added support for searching your Firefox bookmarks via the "Search Browser Bookmarks" extension. In addition to Chrome, Brave and Safari, you can now enable Firefox in the extension preferences and choose your profile in case you use multiple different ones.

✨ New

  • Window management: Added new commands to rescale the focused window to fourth, three fourths and sixth of the screen.
  • Linear: Added a new action Copy Branch Name for an issue.
  • Bookmarks: Support for Firefox bookmarks and multi-depth folder search on all browsers.

πŸ’Ž Improvements

  • Clipboard History: Added Quick Look to files and images.
  • File Search: Toggle Quick Look when pressing ⌘ L or ⌘ Y again.
  • File Search: Added ⌘ Y as a secondary keyboard shortcut to toggle Quick Look.
  • Root Search: When you have multiple apps with the same name in different paths, we now show more context information about the application location in the subtitle.
  • Root Search: Added ability to hide individual applications in Preferences > Extensions > Apps (the checkbox was previously disabled).
  • Linear: The Archive action has been updated to Delete.

🐞 Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that would cause Empty Trash command to not work in some cases
  • Fixed a crash when "Macintosh HD" was added to the Spotlight privacy list and filesystem-based indexing was activated in Raycast Preferences > Advanced
  • Fixed searches in Clipboard History when using SQLite wildcards (i.e. _ and %).
  • Fixed a misalignment where windows didn't respect the preferred gap.
  • Fixed a crash when selecting events in the "My Schedule" command that was caused by invalid emails of participants.
  • Fixed an issue where newly created reminders have empty notes.
  • Ignore malformed browser bookmark entries, letting the bookmark parsing process continue.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause scripts from nested directories to appear in Raycast on changes
April 13, 2021

πŸ”” Improved Reminders


We found some long lost love in the Reminders extension and improved multiple aspects of it. You can now see the Lists to which each reminder belongs represented by a colored dot and when required use the new filter to view reminders from only a single list.

Organizing reminders while creating them is much easier now with the change in position of the list selector. Reminders in each section are sorted by due date and you can edit due dates from Raycast without needing to open the app!

πŸ•Ή More System Commands


We've extended the list of our built-in system commands. Meet new commands:

  • πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™€οΈ Toggle Hidden Files
  • πŸŒ— Toggle System Appearance
  • πŸ—‘ Empty Trash
  • πŸšͺ Log Out
  • πŸ’Ώ Eject All Disks
  • πŸ”Œ Shutdown
  • πŸ” Restart
  • πŸ’₯ Quit All Applications

Missing something? Let us know using the built-in Send Feedback command. And don't forget to check out the script-commands built by our community, there are a lot of handy ones.

✨ New

  • File Search: Quick Look Preview panel which can be activated from the action panel or with hotkey ⌘ L
  • Window Management: New preference to set gap between windows
  • Preferences: You can now customize on which screen Raycast should appear when you're using multiple displays. Navigate to Preferences β†’ Advanced to configure it

πŸ’Ž Improvements

  • Clipboard History: Added file size for copied files and images to the metadata table
  • Clipboard History: Added the application that the content got copied from to the metadata table
  • Markdown: Inline code is now more legible and easier to read
  • Root Search: Apps that do not have a "bundle identifier" are now listed in search results
  • Root Search: You can add custom directories to be searched for apps via Raycast Preferences β†’ Extensions β†’ Applications
  • Root Search: Now only primary action affects ranking of apps and commands
  • Calculator: Added a couple of new actions to swap units for unit conversions and to copy question and answer for any of your calculations.
  • Script Commands: Add actions to copy script contents and move script to trash
  • Script Commands: Silent and non-refreshable inline scripts now show a ⚠️ at the beginning of the output in case of an error
  • Script Commands: Add support for 8-bit and TrueColor (24-bit) ANSI escape codes
  • Script Commands: Add refreshTime parameter for inline scripts to the "Create Script Command" command
  • Linear: Support extended estimation scales
  • Changelog: Show month and year for releases in the previous year.
  • Global Hotkeys: When using global hotkey to show an application, pressing this hotkey again will hide the app. This way you can hotkeys to toggle the apps. Same behavior now applies to commands.
  • Raycast now doesn't quit on ⌘ Q to avoid accidental quitting of the app. In order to close the app search for "Quit Raycast" command or use menu in the status bar.
  • Preferences: "Preview" preferences tab was renamed to "Advanced"
  • Increased the area by which Raycast window can be dragged around

🐞 Fixes

  • Fixed issues with automatic updates
  • Fixed a bug where pinned items of the Clipboard history got removed
  • Fixed quick selection on AZERTY keyboard layouts
  • Fixed an issue where launching issues in the Linear desktop app takes a few seconds
  • Fixed an issue with the spacing of the title tab in large font size
  • Fixed an issue where token field placeholder would display the wrong text
  • Fixed an issue where the localized name of an app would not be used when the experimental feature "Find apps and preferences via file system" was turned on
April 06, 2021

πŸ‹οΈβ€β™€οΈ Adjustable Font Sizes


You can now increase the font size in the Appearance tab in the Preferences window. The size is applied to the most frequently used screens and icons are resized accordingly as well. This makes Raycast more accessible and pleasant for users who prefer larger text.

πŸ”’ Quick selection


Whilst holding down the ⌘ key, you'll now see numbers for each list item appear to make your decision a lot quicker and easier. Quickly select an item from the list by pressing ⌘ + 1 … 9. No more counting down the list!

πŸ’Ž Improvements

  • File Search: Finds more results for partial search terms and has improved performance in some cases
  • Script Commands: Remember template and mode in the Create Script Command for quicker creation
  • Script Commands: Automatically watch the directory of new scripts if necessary
  • Script Commands: Enable selection of hidden directories
  • Linear: Add action to archive issues
  • Linear: Saving last used project for Create Issue command
  • Linear: Links in issues detail are clickable now
  • Calculator is more context-aware in that it will not just pop up whenever you enter a number, making searches the more natural choice.
  • Calculator now supports exclamation mark (!) to compute factorials

🐞 Fixes

  • Fixed issues with the output of special characters in script commands
  • Increased amount of labels and assignees to load for Linear's Create Issue screen
  • Fixed issue with unexpected state and background color in the secondary button
  • When you refresh currency conversion rates, the updated time will be immediately reflected in the Calculator
  • Calculator now shows TimeZone with adjusted offset for Daylight Savings
  • Fixed crashes in Calculator for certain edge case inputs
  • Fixed typos in Romanian and Moldovan currencies
  • Fixed an issue when scripts wouldn't get reloaded automatically
March 16, 2021

✨ M1 Support


It's happening. Support for M1 is here. Unleash the full power of Macs that are spec'd with Apple Silicon chips. Geek info: To keep the size of our updates small, you only download the architecture you need.

πŸ’Ž Improvements

  • Script Commands: Added colored output support for inline scripts
  • Script Commands: Added an action to copy output of compact mode scripts to the toast
  • Script Commands: Improve folder watching to avoid unnecessary reloads
  • Clipboard History: Added a preference to specify for how long the history should be kept. Choose between 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days
  • Clipboard History: Select first un-pinned item, use ⌘ 1...9 shortcut to select pinned items
  • Calculator: Added metadata for more operators. Whether you type "plus" or "+", "x" or "*", we got you covered

🐞 Fixes

  • Calculator: Ignore the calculator result if the search text matches an alias
  • Calculator: Fixed casing issues in temperature conversions. "32 f to c", "40 c to F" all get you the exact degrees you need
  • Fixed a bug when sending an email to all attendees of a calendar event
  • Fixed a problem where the clipboard history stopped working
  • Fixed a bug where the Restore command of the Window Management extension didn't work
  • Fixed a crash during automatic updates
March 08, 2021

βš™οΈ New Extensions Preferences

Extension Preferences

We've revamped the Extensions tab in Preferences, making it easier to search and manage your commands and scripts. You can also set aliases and hotkeys right from this list (Note: The shortcuts tab was removed since it's no longer needed).

πŸ”’ Calculator


We've added a bunch of little upgrades to our already powerful calculator. It now shows you more context when making calculations, and a last updated timestamp on currencies.

For example, typing 400+200 will show 600 as normal, but now with the written version in the label. Currencies now show the name of the currency, and timezones will show the absolute time as extra context, plus many more!

✨ New

  • History: Press ↑ in an empty root search to navigate through previously searched terms. Previous calculations and scripts with arguments are supported as well.

πŸ’Ž Improvements

  • Navigation: Pressing the delete (backspace) key to go back now also work on screens without a search bar
  • Reminders: "Create Reminder" command now supports draft mode. Your changes won't be lost if you go back to root search while having an unfinished reminder.
  • Added an action to show info in Finder for apps in the root search
  • Added an action to open a script command after it was created
  • Added an action to duplicate a script command and open it in the default editor
  • Improved support for Chinese and other non-latin character sets in the root search

🐞 Fixes

  • Script Commands: Fixed an issue that might have caused scripts to not finish properly in fullOutput mode
  • Script Commands: Fixed an issue where the package name isn't set when creating a new command
  • Script Commands: Fixed issues with terminal codes to support UTF16 character handling.
  • Asana: Fixed an issue with descriptions not rendering newlines properly
  • Root Search: Fixed an edge case where items with assigned single-letter aliases could not be found in the root search
  • File Search: Fixed some edge cases and an issue where search terms with double quotes did not work
  • Fixed an issue where Raycast sometimes didn't restart after updates
February 18, 2021

πŸ’Ž Improvements

  • Root Search: Now you can use ⌘ 1...9 shortcut to quickly jump to N-th item in the list
  • Script Commands: Added support for terminal colors in fullOutput mode 🎨
  • Script Commands: Added URL detection for fullOutput mode making them clickable and available via the action panel
  • Navigation: Pressing delete (backspace) key will now act as "Go Back" if the search bar is empty
  • File Search: Folders can be opened with text editor apps via "Open with..." action
  • File Search: The default search scope now includes all locally mounted volumes and the home directory
  • Calculator: Support for noon/midday and midnight in time calculations
  • Calculator: Support for crypto currencies, e.g. Bitcoin or Dogecoin
  • G Suite: If you are logged into multiple accounts in the browser and use Raycast to create a new Google doc, it will now be created under the account you use in Raycast
  • G Suite: By default, all drives you're a member of will now be searched
  • Create Script: Added author, authorURL, description fields
  • Create Script: Added templates for Python, Ruby, NodeJS. Improved code templates to help with arguments handling for each of supported languages.
  • Calendar: Added support to launch Microsoft Teams, Skype, Cisco Webex, Jitsi, BlueJeans, Whereby video calls directly from Raycast. No more searching for links, instead just press a key.
  • Calendar: In My Schedule, the Welcome greeting with details about today's events will stay at the top even while scrolling down the events list for quick info.
  • Forms: Token fields now support images, f.e. GitHub assignees now show the avatar or Linear labels a colored circle.
  • Jira: Added an action to copy issue key and title
  • Root Search: Global hotkey will be displayed for selected command or app if it's set
  • Mission Control: The Raycast window is now "transient" and does not show up in mission control any more
  • Browser Bookmarks: Bookmarks can now be searched in folders via the search term, e.g. "dev swift" or "swift dev" would find the bookmark "swift" in the folder/tag "dev" – works for all folders listed in the filter dropdown

🐞 Fixes

  • Calendar: Fixed Zoom meetings detection in Calendar Events allowing to directly join Zoom meeting in native application
  • Reminders: Fixed an issue where reminders created in Raycast wouldn't trigger notification on macOS/iOS
  • Browser Bookmarks: Fixed showing the top-level folders for Chrome and Brave in the filter dropdown; fixed the naming for Safari "Favourites"
February 03, 2021

✨ New Linear Features


The Linear extension got an upgrade! New joiners can use OAuth to sign with one-click, while existing users can continue to use their API token. We added a new command to show issues of the Active Cycle. The command works across teams and you can select a specific one that you're part of.

Sub-issues are ideal when you need to group more work. They're also great for breaking down tasks if different assignees work on the same issue. You can specify the parent issue when creating a new issue or select it via the Action Panel.

Estimates are a great way of communicating the complexity of each issue to calculate whether a cycle has more room left. You can estimate issues in Raycast via the Action Panel for existing issues or when creating new ones.

Last, we added actions to add or remove labels, change project and move issues to the next cycle.

πŸ’Ž Improvements

  • Browser Bookmarks: Improved loading and syncing of bookmarks
  • Browser Bookmarks: A new dropdown menu in the bookmarks list allows you to select a specific top-level folder to show
  • Browser Bookmarks: Added disk caching for Safari Reading List icons
  • Window Management: Added a new command to restore the previous position and size of the focused window.
  • Script Commands: Non-executable script command files will be automatically converted to executables when importing in Raycast
  • Calculator: Many improvements around dates and time, such as support for airports as timezones ("10am sfo to lhr"), military-style timestamps ("1945h + 30 mins"), relative times ("tomorrow in 1 week", "now in 3 days", "today in 2 weeks"), improperly formatted dates, volume to weight conversions, and more
  • Calendar: Added support for Around to join meetings in the desktop app

🐞 Fixes

  • Root: Fixed a bug where some apps didn't have a title.
January 20, 2021

πŸ’Ž Improvements

  • Calculator: A lot of improvements around fractions, time unit phrases, clock times, week numbers, performance
  • Preview Features: A new preview feature checkbox in preferences ("Boost ranking by previous searches") enables increasing the ranking score of an item when a search term was previously used to open that item
  • Root Search: We accelerated the decay of ranking scores when an app or command hasn't been opened recently
  • Root Search: Additional keywords of some apps and preferences are now searchable
  • Root Search: We now show results even if you slightly misspelled app or command names
  • Browser Bookmarks: Frequently and recently visited bookmark items are sorted to the top
  • Browser Bookmarks: Added support for the Brave browser
  • Browser Bookmarks: For Chrome and Brave, you can now choose a different profile via preferences
  • Window Management: Added a command to toggle fullscreen
  • Window Management: Added commands to move the focused window to the edges of the screen
  • Floating Notes: Double click the toolbar to re-position the floating window to the top right corner

🐞 Fixes

  • Root Search: Fixed finding app and command names containing diacritic marks (e.g., Γ©, ΓΌ)
  • Root Search: Fixed a regression that slowed down root search
  • Calendar: Fixed an issue where Raycast would prevent your Mac to sleep
  • Calendar: Fixed badly formatted tooltips for video conference data
  • Jira: Fixed a case where the create issue form could not be displayed when the summary field was removed from the screen configuration in classic projects
  • Jira: Issue key is now always uppercased in "Copy Branch Name" action
  • Preview Features: Fixed the app not being restarted after changing certain features
  • Preview Features: Fixed a bug with the "Find apps and preferences via file system" preview where apps with the same display name would not show up properly in root search
  • Browser Bookmarks: Fixed a bug where favicons could not be displayed
December 22, 2020

That's it. It's our last release for 2020 😱 We wrapped up the year with a hackathon and a bug bash. The update is packed with small improvements and we couldn't resist to release some of our hacks. It's been great to rock this crazy year with all of you. We'll close the virtual Raycast HQ for a couple of days to recharge. See you all in 2021 πŸŽ†

πŸ”– Browser Bookmarks

We've added a new and frequently requested extension for searching your browser bookmarks. Search your bookmarks by name, domain, or tag, and open and copy links via the Action Panel. You can enable the extension in the preferences and choose your browser sources–currently we support the default profile of Chrome and Safari including reading list items. Happy browsing!


πŸ“ Floating Notes

During the hackathon, we built a simple notes extension that stays on top of all other windows. The notes are a great way to write down your daily to-dos, prepare a tweet or jot down a thought you want to pick up later. You can enable Floating Notes in Preferences β†’ Extensions.

πŸ’‘ Pro tip: Use shortcuts to toggle the notes window for even quicker access.


✨ New

  • Auto-switch Keyboard Layout: Now you can enforce Raycast to always switch to English input source when opening the window. Can be useful for people who often jump between english and other languages. You can enable this feature in Preferences β†’ Preview tab.

πŸ’Ž Improvements

  • Calculator: Improved copying of unformatted answers (e.g., does not copy currency symbol)
  • Calculator: Added action to replace input with answer for multi-step calculations
  • Linear: Added fallback search for issues
  • Reminders: Improved sorting for reminders with due dates
  • Reminders: Added time for due dates inline for quicker readability
  • G Suite: Added action to open files in Google Chrome
  • Dashboard Scripts: Added last refresh time to command palette title
  • Dashboard Scripts: Added display of alias shortcuts
  • Clipboard History: Added support for formatted / rich text
  • Clipboard History: Added a preference to set direct paste as primary action
  • File Search: Now you can drag files out of Raycast window using mouse
  • File Search: Calendar events, contacts card data and contact groups are not displayed any more in the list of search results
  • File Search: Improved preview display performance for certain file types
  • Preferences: Added keyboard navigation (βŒ₯ + ↑ / ↓) for the extension list
  • Preferences: The empty "buffer" area below lists can now be scrolled

🐞 Fixes

  • Window management: Fixed a bug where windows with their center outside of the screen couldn't be moved or scaled
  • Reminders: Fix keyboard shortcut to create reminder and close Raycast window afterwards
  • Reminders: Fixed opening the date picker drop down when a number is entered
  • Calendar: Fixed a bug when joining Zoom calls would fail when Zoom wasn't installed
  • Preferences: Fixed a bug where preference shortcuts where broken after entering an alias
December 10, 2020

πŸ‘€ Contacts


Use our new Contacts extension to look up your contact's details. Search for a contact by simply typing their name and use the Action Panel to start an email, copy information, call the person and more.

πŸ–Ό Enhanced Clipboard History

The Clipboard History now supports images, files, links and colors in addition to text. Filter by content type to search what you've copied before. New actions allow to reveal files in the Finder, open links in the browser or copy colors in different formats.


✨ New

  • Shortcuts: You can now assign aliases and hotkeys to apps and system preferences
  • System: New commands for "Sleep" and "Sleep Displays"

πŸ’Ž Improvements

  • Performance: General improvements to make the app snappier
  • Script Inputs: Added support for percent encoding input. Add "percentEncoded": true to input's metadata json and Raycast will make the argument safe for URL queries.
  • GitHub: Repository search now include forks when in "My Repositories" mode
  • Calendar: Select first upcoming meeting in My Schedule command
  • Root Search: Results with aliases set are downranked when the alias is not matched

🐞 Fixes

  • Script Commands: Fixed an issue with wrong file extensions for the scaffolding command
  • Dictionary: Fixed an issue with wrong preferences being displayed
  • GitHub: Fixed pull request detail descriptions not being fully displayed
  • Hacker News: Fixed opening links in browser for some cases
December 02, 2020

πŸ“• Dictionary


With the new Dictionary extension, you can easily get the definition of words and phrases. It supports all sources from the system Dictionary app and additionally checks spelling.

πŸ–Ό Window Management

The new Window Management extension lets you move and scale other application windows with ease. Maximize, center or layout windows with a few keystrokes. And assign global hotkeys to perform common ones even quicker.


πŸ€– Script Commands Improvements

  • New Command: Create Script Command will allow you to quickly create script files with all required metadata and permission flags.
  • Optional Arguments: You can now specify if an argument is optional. See documentation on how to use optional field.
  • Dark Theme Icons Support: You can now use different icons depending on which app theme is selected. Use @raycast.iconDark parameter to specify the icon for dark theme.
  • Error Output: We improved the output when a script run fails, and scripts with silent mode now show a HUD toast on error.
  • Changed shortcut for copying output of inline scripts to Cmd Shift C to make it consistent with fullOutput mode

πŸ’Ž Improvements

  • File Search: You can now specify multiple folders to search by using in and a list of folders, such as: myfile in ~/downloads ~/projects. Tip: if the folder path contains a space, put the path in quotes ("/folder/path/with a/space")
  • Jira: The sorting order for custom JQL filters ("My Filters" list) is not overridden any more
  • Calculator: Use system currency as default to allow quicker conversions, f.e. if you have Β£ as your system currency, you can type $5 and get it directly converted into pounds
  • Calculator: Added a new secondary action to copy the unformatted answer
  • Search: Now skips quotes and brackets when searching for words
  • Navigation: Typing alias + space expands associated command now. E.g. if you assign fs alias to File Search, typing fs + space will automatically go inside File Search command.
  • Preferences: Pressing Cmd Q now when preferences window is active only closes the window and doesn't kill the app

🐞 Fixes

  • Clipboard History: Fixed a bug when copying a clipboard entry failed
  • Script Commands: Fixed a bug where a script input field would be focused when it shouldn't
  • Script Commands: Fixed a bug where icon and title of scripts with arguments wouldn't change sometimes in the search bar
  • Shortcuts: Fixed scrolling for long shortcuts lists in preferences
  • Calculator: Fixed using outdated rates for currency conversions
  • Fixed a bug where permission windows appeared behind Raycast
  • Fixed a bug when the Raycast window wouldn't appear in full screen mode if Raycast preferences window is open
November 19, 2020

πŸ€– Arguments for Script Commands

Arguments for Script Commands

Script Commands are a great way to extend Raycast. We're happy to announce custom arguments for scripts β€” starting with text inputs. Arguments allow you to go even further with tailoring Raycast to your needs. See our documentation for how to use them.

πŸ’‘Pro tip: When typing alias + space, Raycast automatically moves focus to the first input field.

🐱 GitHub Repository Search

The new Search Repository command allows to find repositories on GitHub by name or owner. Open repositories in the browser or copy information such as the name or the URL via the Action Panel.

GitHub Repository Search

✨ Feature Previews

We added a new tab to the preferences to try out features and changes before they become officially part of the app. We may change those features based on your feedback.

Feature Previews

These are the first two feature previews:

  • Pop To Root: Define when Raycast should pop to the root search after closing the window
  • App Search: Use our custom indexing instead of Spotlight's index

πŸ’Ž Improvements

  • We now prevent the app from silently being terminated by macOS under certain conditions
  • Improved searching for localized application and preference names
  • Script errors are shown inline in refreshable items

🐞 Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where no toast was shown when a script command failed to refresh
  • Fixed recording keyboard shortcuts with arrow and other special keys
  • Fixed an issue when Raycast became unresponsive while launching applications
  • Fixed an issue that would make tooltips misaligned in some cases
  • Fixed an issue with refreshable scripts not hiding the progress toast on error
  • Linear: Fixed an issue that would prevent from creating Linear Issue when using quotes in title
  • Asana: Fixed an issue that could cause errors when using Asana integration for some legacy projects
  • Clipboard History: Fixed an issue where the list wasn’t reloaded after removing all entries

⚠️ After the update, you have to re-enable the Zoom extension. Sorry for the inconvenience.

November 11, 2020

✨ New

  • Preferences: You can now hide the Raycast icon from the menu bar via the Appearance tab
  • Preferences: We’ve added a new shiny About tab
  • GitHub: Perform more actions on pull requests and issues β€” β€œAdd Assignee”, β€œRequest Review”, β€œAdd Project”, and β€œSet Milestone”

πŸ’Ž Improvements

  • App Search: In addition to their localized display name, apps can now be found via file name
  • Calculator: You can now use lowercase "f" and "c" for Fahrenheit / Celsius conversion
  • Calculator: Modulo now works for % sign, e.g. 7%4 returns 3
  • Clipboard History: Ignore content copied from password managers
  • Navigation: Ctrl P and Ctrl N can be used to select the previous or the next item in a list
  • Script Commands: Added more actions to refreshable items (Show in Finder, Open with...)
  • Improved the speed of showing Raycast window when pressing the hotkey
  • Preference commands in the root search got new icons
  • Added Internet Access Policy for Little Snitch

🐞 Fixes

  • Jira: Fixed a case where the wrong base URL would be used for opening issue details in browser. (If you’re experiencing that issue, please re-login into Jira via extension preferences).
  • GitHub: Fixed the β€œCopy Branch Name” action for pull requests
  • Hotkey Recorder: Fixed an issue that would prevent some users from recording some key combination in international keyboard layouts
  • Clipboard History: Fixed an issue where clipboard history was still recording when disabled
  • Fixed an issue that could've caused a crash in the background and some weird behavior
  • Fixed a regression with relative dates in the calculator
October 29, 2020

Raycast is now available for everyone

We're live! Today, we're making Raycast available for everyone. Thanks for being part of the beta!

raycast-1 0-release-notes-screenshot

πŸ€“ Media: Hacker News

Although Raycast tries to help you being more productive, some procrastination now and then is unavoidable. Consuming relevant news has now become prettier with our built-in Hacker News reader: Quickly scan through the top stories of the front page or switch to the "Show HN" list. You'll see the number of comments for each story and you can easily open the links and detail pages as usual via actions and shortcuts. The command can be enabled via the new Media package in preferences.


πŸ’Ž Improvements

  • Calendar: Links of conference calls in the location field of an event are now properly parsed and you can join these meetings from Raycast as well.

🐞 Fixes

  • Root Search: Fixed an issue with numeric searches and ranking.
  • Jira: Fixed a bug where token-based fields (components, fix versions) would not correctly update.
October 27, 2020

πŸ“Ή Zoom


Our Zoom integration has now been approved and is available to you as new package with a number of handy commands (enable via preferences): Start Meeting lets you instantly create a new Zoom meeting, opens the app, and copies the join link for easy sharing to the clipboard. With Schedule Meeting some more options are available to you to set a start time, duration, meeting topic, and agenda. The command Upcoming Meetings presents an ordered list of your next meetings with actions for joining, copying meeting information, or even deleting meetings.

πŸ’Ž Improvements

  • Script Commands: Added easier reloading of added script directories with new command Reload Script Directories. Also, we've added (experimental) support for auto reloading of scripts. Just open script commands preferences and activate the new checkbox.
  • Root Search: URLs entered into the main input field can now be opened directly from Raycast.
  • Jira: The issue creation form supports setting epics and parents in next-gen projects.
  • Github: Added remote search for repositories in Create Issue and Create Pull Request forms
  • Github: Added a new action for copying a branch name of the pull request
  • Clipboard History: Added a secondary action to directly paste a clipboard history entry. Hit ⌘ ⏎ to paste the selected entry to the frontmost application (this time for real).

🐞 Fixes

  • Jira: Fixed a bug where loading of some lists would never finish
  • Github: Fixed a bug where images could not be displayed in pull request and issue details
  • Github: Fixed a rare error when the notification does not have any β€œsubject” information
  • Linear: Fixed a bug where "Create Issue" command wouldn't work
  • File Search: Fixed a bug where the share action would not work
  • Shortcuts: Fixed a bug where pressing command hotkey again (e.g. Clipboard History) wouldn't work
  • Navigation: Fixed mixed up βŒƒ K / βŒƒ J shortcuts for moving up/down in lists
  • App Search: Fixed keyboard shortcuts to quit and force quit applications
  • Calendar: Fixed an issue where opening an event in Calendar app wouldn't get highlighted

⚠️ Other

  • We trimmed down "My" word in some command names. E.g. previously "My Open Issues" Jira command is now called "Open Issues".
October 21, 2020

🎹 Shortcuts for commands


Welcome a new Preference panel Shortcuts, where you can configure aliases and hotkeys for commands to make it even quicker to open them. Thanks for asking!

Aliases are prioritized in the root search. They let you find commands with a few characters regardless of whether they have been used recently or frequently. This supports you in building muscle memory and navigating faster in Raycast.

Hotkeys make it possible to open a command with a global keyboard shortcut. For example, you can set ⌘ ⇧ V to open the Clipboard History from anywhere on your desktop. This way you gain some extra speed.

🐱 GitHub: Clear your notifications

Notifications keep you responsive on GitHub across your repositories, organizations and teams. We added a new Notifications command that lets you sort out quickly what needs your attention. You can filter by repository, mark notifications as read and open them in the browser.


πŸ’Ž Improvements

  • Root Search: Installed Chrome apps can now also be found and launched via root search.
  • Root Search: Added initial command suggestions based on the onboarding selections.
  • File Search: Entered search terms are now combined with a logical AND so that results can be better narrowed down.
  • File Search: Added more actions to copy files and file names, show info in the finder, move files to the trash, and to share files to other macOS applications.
  • Calculator: Updated to support the ** operator, e.g. both 2**3 and 2^3 now show 8 as result.
  • Changelog: Added a new command to see updates of the previous versions in the app.
  • GitHub: Added tooltips to dropdowns with branches in Create Pull Request.
  • GitHub: We’re loading more labels now, you should be fine if the repo has got less than 100.

🐞 Fixes

  • Calendar: Fixed a bug where start/end times in the My Schedule command showed up in 24-Hour time format. We now respect the time format of your Mac's Language & Region preferences.
  • Jira: Fixed a bug where no project would be selected by default when creating issues.
  • Jira: Fixed an issue where the create-issue form would not be rendered due to missing project permissions.
  • GitHub: Fixed a rare problem with bad credentials.
  • GitHub: Fixed order of Workflow Runs, to match the one from the website.
October 16, 2020

⭐️ Favorites

Raycast suggests your recently and frequently commands and apps but sometimes you want to have a fixed selection when opening Raycast. Now you can favorite any command or app to let it appear at the top of the root search. Hit Command K in the root to open the Action Panel and search for favorites to add, remove, and move items.


πŸ€– Dashboards

Want to take a quick glance on how many pull requests need your attention or how your stock portfolio performs?! Use the new inline mode and refreshTime metadata for Script Commands to show the output of your scripts directly in the root search of Raycast. The commands can run with a custom schedule so that your output stays fresh or your script is performed in the background for you. Find examples and documentation in this repository.


Tip: Favorite your dashboard item to show it always at the top of the root search.

πŸ’Ž Improvements

  • Jira: Projects and filters are now searchable and not limited to a fixed number of entries any more.
  • Command W now also pops to the root search in addition to closing the Raycast window. It's a quick way to reset Raycast for your next interaction.
  • Improved performance of the root search.
  • Reduced the timeout before Raycast resets to the root search when the window is hidden.
  • Slightly increased font size in the search bar to improve readability.

🐞 Fixes

  • Fixed an indexing issue where apps rarely would not show up in root search.
  • Fixed a bug where pinned entries of the Clipboard History didn't show up.
  • GitHub: Fixed an issue where some repositories wouldn't be available in the dropdown.
  • GitHub: Fixed an issue where the number of comments for issues and pull requests was displayed incorrectly.

⚠️ Important: We changed permission scopes required to use GitHub so you will be asked to re-login to use this extension. To be more specific, we added scope read:org to be able to search repositories in your org and notifications for upcoming command that we’re building. Sorry for the inconvenience.

October 07, 2020

πŸ—ƒ G Suite: Search, create and open files

Need to find a project plan or the roadmap of the quarter? No more crawling your browser's history! Use our new commands to access your Google documents, slides and spreadsheets. You can open or download them or copy a link for easy sharing. The extension also has commands to quickly create new documents.

G Suite

βœ… Linear: Create, search and complete issues

We use Linear for issue tracking and share our internal extension with you. The team utilizes it to create issues from anywhere on the desktop. And to check what needs our attention with the My Assigned Issues command. The extension also has a global search to find issues by title or description.


🐱 GitHub: Check, re-run and cancel workflow runs

The GitHub extension got a new command: Workflow Runs. Use it to check recent runs of your automation workflows. Hit Command-K to re-run or delete the workflow run as well as open it in a browser.


πŸ’Ž Improvements

  • Added alerts for destructive actions to treat irrevserible actions with attention.
  • Added an action to quit and force quit running application. Hit Command-K on the root search to perform the actions.
  • Improved ranking when search term more closely matches the name of an app or command.
  • Jira: Show avatar as icon for the assign to me / un-assign from me action.
  • Script Commands: Added support for showing confirmation alert before running a script. Use the new needsConfirmation metadata parameter. More details in documentation.
  • Script Commands: Running scripts using silent mode now displays HUD toast when executed if the script had standard output. It can be a great way to provide visual feedback.
  • Script Commands: Add support for scripts written in Swift
  • Script Commands: You can now cancel script from the toast action when it's running in compact mode
  • Asana: Improved the look of issues with empty titles
  • GitHub: Open just created issues and pull requests in Raycast from the toast

🐞 Fixes

  • Fixed a bug when new windows for running applications where always opened
  • Fixed a bug where empty applications shown up in the Open With action
  • Fixed a bug where ranking data would not be maintained when apps are updated while Raycast is running
  • Fixed a bug where Action Panel would get broken when network error happens
  • Script Commands: Fixed an issue where bash profile would spam in script command output. We don't use login shell by default now. Refer to documentation to see how to use login shell in your script.
  • GitHub: Fixed erasing of a typed text when you create a new issue or a pull request
September 30, 2020

🐱 Github Issues

Support for GitHub issues is here. Now you can use commands My Created Issues and My Open Issues to list and manage your backlog. Both commands work across your repositories by default. You can use a filter to select a specific repository.

Recently Created Issues

Use the Create Issue command to quickly report a bug or add an issue to your project. The command also supports issue templates provided by your repositories.

Create Issue

πŸ€– Script Commands

Many of you asked for it and we've listened. Now you can create your own commands using scripts. It's a great way to extend the functionality of Raycast and tailor it to your needs. Make sure to check out this repo on how to get started. We also added some handy samples that you can grab.

Pro tip: Create a repository of your script commands and share it with your teammates!

Script Commands

πŸ’Ž Improvements

  • 🌊With macOS Big Sur around the corner with its new shiny design, we decided to follow the trend and modernized selection style in lists. Enjoy!
  • GitHub: Show number of comments in the My Pull Requests command
  • GitHub: Added a filter for repositories to the My Pull Requests command
  • GitHub: Show projects in the pull requests details view
  • Improved date picker to match more autocompletions and show time in hint

🐞 Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where upcoming events wouldn't show up in the root search
  • Asana: Fixed a bug where the last workspace wasn't remember in the Create Task command
  • Asana: Fixed an issue where project dropdown wouldn't work in Create Task command when workspace has too many projects.
September 22, 2020

πŸŒ„ Asana

Welcome Asana to our family of extensions! The extension allows you to create and access tasks from anywhere on your desktop. Use the Create Task command to create and assign new tasks. The My Tasks command is handy to see all your tasks in one place, making it convenient to complete your assigned work.

My Asana Tasks

βœ… Reminders

Now you have quick access to all your reminder lists of Apple's Reminders app. Use the Create Reminder command to make sure you don't forget about something. The My Reminders command shows all your open reminders, focusing on the overdue and upcoming ones.

My Reminders

Head over to the extension preferences to enable it.

πŸ’Ž Improvements

  • Root Search: Added support for more partial search terms including the package name (for instance, "create jira" now finds the Create Issue command of the Jira package).
  • Jira: Added support for new date picker and date-time picker fields when creating issues.
  • GitHub: Added support for merging pull requests using all different methods. In addition to Merge as Commit, you can now Squash Merge, or Rebase and Merge. Available options depend on the repository settings.
  • GitHub: Raycast now shows colored labels of pull requests in the detail view making it easy to find the ones that you’re interested in.
  • GitHub: Added avatars to Author, Reviewers and Assignees in pull request details.

🐞 Fixes

  • Fixed a crash in the File Search command where files couldn’t be previewed
  • Fixed saving drafts for GitHub pull request templates
September 16, 2020

🐱 GitHub: My Pull Requests

This week’s release adds a new command to the GitHub Extension: My Pull Requests. This command shows your pull requests split into sections like created, assigned and mentioned. The bottom section shows your recently closed pull requests, making it a perfect source of truth for your daily update.

GitHub - Pull Requests

As usually, hit ↡ (or double-click any item in the list) to view more details about a pull request, including commits, labels, reviewers, etc.

GitHub - Pull Request Details

Use the Action Panel with ⌘ K to quickly merge accepted pull requests, copy their number or open them in a browser.

Have fun merging your next changes into master with Raycast!

πŸ’Ž Improvements

  • Added prefetching of your most used commands so that data more often appears fresh when you open the command
  • Added new custom field types when creating Jira issues: story points, multi-selects, radio buttons
  • Added support for preloading a template from .github/ in the Create Pull Request command
  • Improved the display of values in the Jira sprint dropdown field
  • Improved visual feedback when performing actions on the Jira issue details screen
  • Improved loading times of form data when creating new Jira issues
  • You can now close Raycast window with a shortcut ⌘ W
  • Added ⌘ Escape as a quick way to get to the root search from everywhere
  • Added an action to delete events and event series in the My Schedule command
  • Added our Changelog to the Manual. Now you can read about all previous changes whenever it suits you best. You can also use the Changelog command to quickly open it from Raycast

🐞 Fixes

  • Fixed a case where a Jira issue could not be created when the sprint field was set
  • Fixed an issue with Jira authentication and logging out
  • Fixed an issue where deleted events still showed up in the My Schedule command
September 08, 2020

πŸ“† Calendar: Check your schedule and join conference calls

Raycast now integrates with your Calendar. Use the My Schedule command to check your upcoming events. On the top you see a short summary of your day, followed by the upcoming days, weeks and months.

My Schedule Header

Use the Action Panel to join Zoom or Google Meet conference calls, email all attendees or take other actions.

My Schedule Action Panel

The best thing: Your next event shows up on the top of the root search. Just hit ↡ to jump into your Zoom call. It opens the app directly without any new tab.

Upcoming Event

Turn on the Calendar extension in the Preferences and gain control of your schedule.

πŸ“ Drafts

All our form commands now support draft mode. You will not lose your changes if you press Escape in commands such as Jira Create Issue, GitHub Create Pull Request, Send Feedback, etc. You can always get back to your draft from the root search.


πŸ’Ž Other improvements and fixes

  • We’ve got new beautiful icons for all commands of the Raycast Core and Raycast System extensions
  • Added the Lock Screen command to the Raycast System extension. Simply execute the command to quickly lock your Mac
  • Added application version number to the status bar menu. You can also Check for Updates from there now
  • Improved indexing so that more partial search terms for apps, commands, and other list content lead to results (e.g. β€œvs code” would now find β€œVisual Studio Code” or β€œmy issues” would find the Jira command My Open Issues)
  • Improved support for custom sprint field types when creating Jira issues
  • Highlighted the New Update Available list item in the root search to make it easier to recognize when a new version is available ✨
  • Reduced translucency of the window background in the Light theme to improve contrast
  • Added a link to Raycast Manual. You can access it via status menu or via "Manual" command in the root search.
  • Fixed an issue when empty bullet lists fail the creation of Jira issues
  • Fixed a crash in the Jira issue creation form on macOS Mojave
  • Fixed list selection not being maintained when navigating back from Jira issue details
  • Fixed cases where the wrong icon would be displayed for issue types in Jira
  • Fixed attachments not being displayed on Jira issue details screen
  • Fixed rendering issues that can happen on non-retina displays
  • Fixed an issue where Raycast window wouldn't show up properly after using the Show Desktop command
September 02, 2020

GitHub: Create pull requests

As the first step of a brand new integration with GitHub, you can now use the Create Pull Request command to quickly submit your code changes for review. Use the form to select branches, set the title and pick your reviewers. After creating the PR, you can open it in your browser. Head over to the Preferences to enable the GitHub extension.

GitHub Create Pull Request

Jira: Global search for issues

So far you could filter selected Jira lists by various fields, but there might have been cases when you still couldn’t find what you were looking for. We’ve now added a Search Issues command that allows you to search for any text, project or issue key globally across all your projects. The global search is also available as a fallback search in the root search or in any Jira list.

Jira Search Issues

Jira: My filters

We’ve added a My Filters command that shows issues for any of your saved filters including the ones that Jira automatically set up while creating boards. The filters are handy to see what's going on in your projects.

Jira My Filters

Other improvements and fixes

  • Added a Recently Updated Issues command that shows all Jira issues that have been updated during the last week
  • Added a Copy Git Branch Name action to all Jira issues that generates and copies a git-compatible name which can be used to create a new branch
  • Improved the scrolling performance in Jira lists
  • Improved the indexing and searching in commands. This is now twice as fast!
  • Fixed "navigable" fields in Jira issue details
  • Fixed a bug where tokens would break layout in Jira issue detail screen
  • Fixed alternate escape for French keyboard layouts
August 25, 2020

International keyboards and alternative escape

A little treatment for all international keyboard users! We now support all layouts, including more exotic ones like Dvorak or Colemak. If you have a MacBook with a touch bar, you can enable an alternative escape to get the proper keyboard haptics. Go to Raycast Preferences > General to enable it.

Alternative escape

Fallback search suggestions

Sometimes, you can't find what you're looking for in the root search of Raycast. Now you see a list of fallback search suggestions on the bottom, allowing you to quickly search for your entered text in the File Search command, on Google or on DuckDuckGo.

Fallback search suggestions

Slack community

Throughout our journey of development, we've been amazed by your enthusiasm and feedback. Now it's time to bring it to the next level. We move our ongoing community effort to Slack, making it easier to dive into feature requests and getting to know each other. You can join the community here or from the menu.

Slack community

Other improvements and fixes

  • Significantly improved the rendering of the root search for apps and commands
  • Jira: Added actions to copy the title of an issue and assign issues to yourself
  • Improved visual feedback for copy actions; now you see what you copied
  • Renamed the Hide All Apps command to Hide All Apps Except Frontmost
  • Fixed ordering of recent files in the File Search command
  • Fixed missing icons for Apple ID, Bluetooth, General and Internet Accounts
  • Fixed a bug where shortcut tooltips were displayed incorrectly in some cases
  • Fixed a bug where toast indicators would get misaligned on hover
  • Fixed a bug where shortcuts wouldn't work when the Action Panel is open
August 17, 2020

Jira: Epics, sub-tasks and custom fields

You can now select epics and sub-task types when creating new issues, and set epic links and sprints. Even more, we support a number of your configured custom field types (textfields, dropdown fields with search, checkboxes, and label fields)!

Jira Create Epics

Smarter Root Search

We've added a Suggestions section to the top of our root search so that you can access your frequently and recently accessed commands and apps more quickly; and search now supports fuzzy terms that include the extension name, for instance: searching for jci would show you the Create Issue command of the Jira extension.

Smarter Root Search

Other improvements and fixes

  • Added city abbreviations to the advanced calendar to make it quicker to check the time in other locations, e.g. "time in ny" or "5pm sf in muc".
  • Quick actions got more responsive in Jira lists to allow faster transitioning of your issues.
  • Improved tooltip with shortcuts. Each key is now separated to make it easy to learn the shortcut.
  • Added visual feedback when changing volume via System Commands.
  • Added login for Jira via the preferences window.
  • Fix: Close the preferences window with Esc.
August 03, 2020

It’s about time for a new version of Raycast. We’ve rebuilt the app to make it faster, more advanced and more beautiful. It features a brand new look, a much better Jira extension and lots of other improvements. Read on to learn more about what's new, it’s worth it!

New Design

We’ve revamped the entire look and feel of Raycast: It now takes up less of your precious screen real estate and augments with a beautiful vibrancy. In the lower right corner you’ll find a new action panel with one primary action and an expanded mode for extra super powers. Speaking of actions, we cleaned up a few things and added loading indicators for long-running operations and tooltips to a bunch of elements to help you out.

New Design

Jira Extension

We’ve rebuilt the Jira extension with a new authorization flow, got rid of long initial syncing, and made everything faster. Issues are rendered with improved styling and new shortcuts let you trigger common actions more quickly. And of course we’re continuing to improve the Jira extension with some frequently requested features in our upcoming releases.

Jira Extension

Powerful Calculator

The Calculator got smarter and can process natural language to instantly evaluate expressions. Now you can solve complex equations (e.g. β€œ3% of $134k”), convert timezones (e.g. β€œ8pm London in Tokyo”), convert units (e.g. β€œ5ft in m”) and currencies (β€œ1 usd in eur”) or calculate dates (e.g. β€œmonday + 3 weeks”) in a matter of seconds.

Powerful Calculator

File Search

We’ve improved the File Search command with a list of recent files and more metadata in a new details area. You can open files with a specific application via the action panel or by pressing ⌘+O on a selected file. In addition to opening files in Finder, you can directly copy file paths. Also, we’ve worked on general speed and stability improvements.

File Search

System Commands

Raycast supports System Commands that allow you to control your Mac without having to use the mouse. You can change the volume, show the desktop or hide all applications with a couple of keystrokes.

System Commands

Clipboard History

The Clipboard History command was rebuilt from the ground up: Now you can pin entries so that they remain on the top of the list and are quickly accessible. The command uses different symbols for copied text, colors and links and you can open links via the action panel or by using the shortcut ⌘+O. In addition, the command shows you when and how often you’ve copied the entries.

Clipboard History


We added a Preferences window where you can configure Raycast to launch at login, set your custom global hotkey to toggle the app and choose your preferred appearance. Finally, we added a separate panel for Extensions to explore and manage all available commands. You can open the window from the menu bar icon or press ⌘+,.


Light Theme

Not everyone enjoys the dark, so we’re happy to introduce SPF-50 β€” our new light theme! You can now safely use Raycast in the sun.

Light Theme

Other improvements and fixes

  • New: The update flow got nicely integrated in Raycast. New updates show up on the top of the root search and can be installed with the primary action. Raycast checks for new updates in the background and you can use the Check for Updates command to trigger a check at any time.
  • New: Store your email address in the Send Feedback command. Less typing for you, more feedback for us.
  • Improvement: Better performance and indexing of the root search, including a smarter ranking of your frequently and recently visited commands and apps. You should now find everything that you’re looking for even faster.
  • Improvement: Jump between list sections with ⌘+↑ or ⌘+↓ and jump 5 items up/down with βŒ₯+↑ or βŒ₯+↓.
  • Improvement: All forms, like the Jira Create Issue command, follow the same structure and got a simpler, single-column layout.
  • Fix: Respect the uploading file size limitations of Jira for attachments.
  • Fix: Crashes when entering complex Markdown in descriptions of the Jira Create Issue command.