v1.78.0July 3, 2024

🪟 Window Layouts

We're introducing Create Window Layout Command, a dynamic new addition to custom window management that allows you to create ideal app layout configurations for your optimal workflow.


✨ New

  • Affiliate Program: You can now earn 30% commission by joining our Affiliate Program and sharing Raycast with your audience. If you’re logged in, look out for the “Become an Affiliate” and “Open Affiliate Dashboard” commands. Read our blog post to learn more.
  • Quicklink Icons: You can now set a custom icon for quicklinks. Choose from any icon in our icon set when you are creating or editing a Quicklink

💎 Improvements

  • Renamed the “Summarize Website” and “Ask Website” AI Commands to “Summarize Webpage” and “Ask Webpage” for a more accurate description of their functionality
  • Quicklink: The “autofill” feature now works with Arc
  • AI Chat: cmd + q will now close the AI Chat window
  • AI Chat: Add a setting to control the return key behavior when sending a message. You can now choose to use ⌘↵ to submit a message and have ↵ insert a new line in the composer
  • AI Chat: Added a Clipboard action to insert the current clipboard contents as an attachment
  • Clipboard History: Six-digit hexadecimal color codes copied from Graphics & Design apps are now automatically interpreted as colors
  • Send Feedback: A category can be assigned when submitting a feedback
  • Quit All Applications: The command will now close Raycast windows, including the AI Chat and Floating Notes, by default. You can turn off this behaviour in the command's settings

🐞 Fixes

  • Quicklink: Fixed copying the link of a Quicklink to a file. Previously it would actually copy the file itself.
  • AI Chat: Fixed cmd + Number being off by one in the sidebar when having the New Chat selected.
  • AI Chat: Fixed text grabbing from Google Docs and Slides.
  • AI Chat: Message submission is blocked until attachments are processed
  • AI Chat: Do not insert attachments when pasting text into the composer
  • AI Chat: Avoid prepending a new line when copying a code block
v1.77.0June 19, 2024

📎 AI Chat Attachments


Chatting goes beyond just text. For years, we've shared files through emails, images through messages, and links in our workspaces. Today, we're bringing attachments to AI Chat to enable richer conversations the way we used to. You can now attach files like PDFs, screenshots, images, and even tabs using our browser extension

Click the new plus button in the AI Chat composer or press “⌘ ⇧ A” to add an attachment. You can add multiple attachments and mix and match them. Or checkout our collaboration with CleanShot to send your screenshots to AI Chat the easy way. Give it a try!

🆓 Raycast Pro Free 14-Days Trial

Haven’t experienced Raycast Pro yet?! You can now try all Pro features for free for 14 days, including AI, custom themes, custom window management commands, and more. Simply search for “Upgrade to Pro” in Raycast to start the trial or visit

✨ New

  • Dynamic Placeholders: Added a new json-stringify modifier
  • Quicklink Icons: You can now set a custom icon for quicklinks. Choose from any icon in our icon set when you creating or editing a Quicklink.

💎 Improvements

  • Calendar: You can now join FaceTime and video meetings right from Raycast
  • Quit All Applications: The command now includes Raycast windows by default. You can customize this behavior in the command's settings.

🐞 Fixes

  • Window Management: Fixed window moving to next/previous desktop.
  • Switch Windows: Fixed tracking windows of apps that were launched after the initial command use.
  • Siri Shortcuts: Fixed multithreading crashes on system with a big number of shortcuts.
v1.76.0June 6, 2024

🔗 Dynamic Placeholders in Quicklinks

Unleash the power of Quicklinks with a whole new set of Dynamic Placeholders! You can now use the same Dynamic Placeholders in Quicklinks as in Snippets and AI Commands. And with Modifiers, you can now decide whether an argument will be percent-encoded or not


✨ New

  • AI Chat Presets are now available in root search. So you can quickly open a new chat based on a preset and assign a hotkey or alias to frequently used ones

💎 Improvements

  • AI Chat: Improved keyboard navigation by highlighting toolbar elements
  • AI Chat: When created via a preset, new chats display the preset name and icon in the status bar
  • AI Chat Presets: You can now set a custom icon for your presets 🤪
  • AI Image Generation: Quick Look action directly displays the image without a submenu. You can also double-click an image to Quick Look
  • Root Search: Improved matching logic to avoid triggering calculator when typing query like “2fa”

🐞 Fixes

  • Theme Studio: A tooltip now appears when hovering the color hex info icon
  • AI Chat: Fixed an issue where the setting status icon size could be incorrect
  • AI Image Generation: Creating image placeholder is not shown anymore when reloading an already generated image
  • Window Management: Fixed an issue that prevented hotkeys and aliases from being synced for custom Window Management commands
  • Cloud Sync: Fixed an issue where hotkeys and aliases were not registered correctly after fetching remote changes
  • Misc: Fix main window opening in incorrect screen when displays share one space
  • System Settings: Fix Network command opening Wi-Fi pane
v1.75.0May 22, 2024

🪟 Custom Window Management Commands

Take your workflow to the next level. Keep your desktop clean with custom window commands to resize and position your windows.

Run Create Window Management Command from the search or go to Settings → Extensions → Window Management → Create Command. Learn more about custom commands in the manual.

Note: Custom Window Management Commands is a part of our paid PRO subscription.

Release - window management - v1 75 0

💎 Improvements

  • Typing Practice: Source now fits 2 lines on the scorecard and has a tooltip when hovering
  • AI Feedback: You can now submit feedback for bad responses in Quick AI and AI Chat. Use the Bad Response… action or click on the 👎 button in the message’s toolbar to submit feedback
  • AI Chat/Quick AI: Added a Copy Reference action to quickly copy a reference URL to the clipboard

🐞 Fixes

  • Typing Practice: Fixed a few issues that might have caused a crash in rare cases
  • AI Chat: Fixed avatar appearance after changing theme
  • Quick AI: Fixed an issue which prevented pasting into the search field using ⌘V
v1.74.0May 15, 2024

🖼️ Image Generation

release1 74-release

Unleash your creativity effortlessly with AI Image Generation. Within AI Chat or Quick AI, you can select a model supporting image generation and just ask “Generate an image of a cat“.

The following image generation models are supported:

  • DALL·E 2: With GPT-3.5 Turbo
  • DALL·E 3: With GPT-4, GPT-4 Turbo, GPT-4o

🐞 Fixes

  • Emoji Search: Enhanced performance for navigating emojis.
  • Window Management: Fixed the Next/Previous Desktop commands when there are full-screen apps in between desktops
v1.73.0May 8, 2024

⚠️ If you’re running Raycast 1.69 or 1.70, please make sure to manually update the app by running the Check for Updates command or by clicking this link ⚠️

⌨️ Typing Practice


With this command it couldn’t be easier to practice your keyboard skills. Use the Start Typing Practice command to begin improving your WPM (words per minute). Make sure to share your score with us by copying the score card as an image ⌘C 😍

To bring the best typing experience to the Mac, we collaborated with Monkeytype - check them out!

✨ New

  • Emoji Search: You can now add custom keywords to make your emoji search more personal. Just hit E on an emoji and customize your keywords. For example, add "psst" for 🤫, or use your native language, like "schnecke", which is German for 🐌.
    • Pro users get a little extra with AI Emoji Suggestions. Previously used suggestions are added as custom keywords, making it even faster to find your favorite emojis. You can toggle this behavior in Settings → Extensions → Search Emoji & Symbols → Save AI-generated custom keywords.
  • AI Chat: You can now set the default settings to use when creating a new chat. Head to Settings → Extensions → AI Chat → New Chat Settings. You can choose from Last Used Settings, an AI Chat Preset or a model.

💎 Improvements

  • Date Pickers: You can now enter things like “in 1h and 10min” and the Date Picker will suggest the corresponding date
  • Snippets: Support for up to 15k simultaneous snippet aliases
  • Search AI Chat Presets: Added an action to set the selected preset as the default for new chats
  • Open Camera: Added a setting to exclude wallpaper from the photo

🐞 Fixes

  • Settings: Fixed issue where disabling the root Shortcuts preference did not disable underlying shortcuts
  • AI: Resolved timeout issues with certain models
  • Browser Extension: Fixed an issue when multiple users were trying to use Raycast and its Browser Extension on the same computer
  • AI Chat Presets: Fixed an issue which prevented imported presets from syncing
  • Extensions: Fixed an issue where extension passwords could sometimes be reset after syncing
  • Root Search: Fixed an issue where hotkeys or aliases could be reset after syncing
  • UI: Fixed incorrect layout of grid item titles in some circumstances
  • Raycast Settings: Fixed command selecting when search filter is on
  • Root Search: Removed popping to root when any alert is showing
v1.72.0April 24, 2024

⚠️ If you’re running Raycast 1.69 or 1.70, please make sure to manually update the app by running Check for Updates command or by clicking this link ⚠️

💬 AI Chat Presets


With more LLMs, it’s likely to switch them for different use-cases throughout the day. To make this easy, we’re introducing AI Chat Presets. You can create new presets from the chat settings and specify the model, system instructions, creativity, and tools. To start a new chat with a preset, just hit N in the AI Chat or click the dropdown located in the top right of the toolbar. Use the "Search AI Chat Presets" command to edit your presets. To learn more about AI Chat Presets, watch our YouTube video.

Need inspiration for a preset? Visit to explore pre-built presets for coding, writing, and more. Alternatively, install the Raycast Explorer to browse them quickly. You can also contribute your presets to make them available to others.

💎 Improvements

  • Auto-dismiss the “See What’s New” item after one day
  • Search Emojis & Symbols: Added an action to reset the ranking of an emoji
  • AI Commands: Improve text selection reliability and speed
  • Quick AI: Add action to delete selected message
  • AI Chat: New chats now remember the model, creativity, instructions and tools settings used in the last new chat
  • AI Model Picker: The model information popover now only appears after changing the currently selected model
  • Export: Added an export action for Snippets and AI Commands. This lets you save the selected item as JSON file.
  • New command: Run Last Command, runs the last command you performed.

🐞 Fixes

  • Root Search: Fixed immediate pop to root search after using global shortcut with input
  • Shortcuts: Fixed issue where no shortcuts were being detected
  • Shortcuts: Improved detection of shortcuts icons and parameters
  • AI Commands: Fixed the issue where the diff highlighting feature was not appearing for some users
  • AI Chat: Fixed an issue which prevented the reference popover from appearing for chat messages
  • Search Files: The “Show in Finder” action should now always bring the Finder window to the front
  • App: Improved reliability of app activation when opening the AI Chat or Settings window
  • App: When closing the AI Chat or Settings window the frontmost application should now be activated
v1.71.0April 10, 2024

⚠️ If you’re running Raycast 1.69 or 1.70, please make sure to manually update the app by running the Check for Updates command or by clicking this link ⚠️

🆕 More AI Models

release-1 71-notes

Today, we're adding seven new models to Raycast AI. You can use these models in Quick AI, AI Commands, or our recently revamped AI Chat, which features a brand-new sidebar. This addition makes Raycast ideal to experience AI on your Mac - one interface, many models.

Pick from the following models:

  • OpenAI GPT-3.5 Turbo, GPT-4 Turbo* (no support for vision yet), or GPT-4*
  • Anthropic Claude 3 Haiku*, Sonnet* or Opus*
  • Perplexity Sonar Small* or Sonar Medium*
  • Mistral Mixtral 8x7B or Llama 2 70B, powered by Groq
  • Meta Code Llama 70B

Each model has unique benefits balancing speed and intelligence. Learn more about them in this blog post.

(*) Model requires Advanced AI Add-on

✨ New

  • You can now duplicate built-in AI Commands to tweak them however you want
  • Added a new built-in AI Command to ask a question about a website (requires the Browser Extension)

💎 Improvements

  • Improved built-in AI Commands to follow instructions more closely and maintain the language of the original text
  • Improved icons for creativity in AI Chat and AI Commands
  • Improved Snippets to support export to a JSON file
  • Improved the parser for Dynamic Placeholders. It is twice as fast and allow you to escape characters in options’ values like {argument options="foo,bar\,baz"} or {argument options="foo,bar\"baz"}
  • Added an action to edit a Siri Shortcut

🐞 Fixes

  • Fixed Version History inline code background not being drawn in extension’s changelog
  • Fixed source of Clipboard History items coming from Handoff
  • Fixed an issue where editing a snippet that contained links would remove the links
v1.70.0March 20, 2024

🌐 Companion Browser Extension

A lot of the interactions with our computers happen in a web browser. With our new companion Chrome Extension, Raycast can bring the context of any webpage to Raycast AI and make it easy to summarize or ask questions about your active browser tab. You can now also follow-up on that answer about the webpage, or any other answer you get back from Quick AI.


✨ New

  • Quick AI: Follow-up enables you to continue the conversation right in the Raycast window
  • AI Chat: Pin your favorite chats in the sidebar for quick access

💎 Improvements

  • Snippets: Improved snippets reliability and performance. We have been fine-tuning the engine for snippet injection lately to deliver the best performance. Please let us know if you experience any issues in the latest version
  • AI Chat: Quickly switch between the first ten chats with ⌘1, ⌘2, etc.
  • AI Chat: When continuing a chat from Quick AI, the chat is now automatically saved with a generated title
  • AI Chat: The minimum window width has been reduced
  • Search Contacts: Contacts are now sorted based on default user preference
  • My Schedule: Add action to list and copy information about specific attendees

🐞 Fixes

  • Date Picker: Fixed the suggestions being off by 1 week in some cases
  • Search Menu Items: Updated the search to be diacritic insensitive
  • Window Management: Fixed an issue where a window that cannot be resized was not being moved to the requested position
  • AI Chat: Direct paste to other applications now works correctly
  • Dynamic Placeholders: Fixed an issue where the Snippets sub-menu would not expand
  • Dynamic Placeholders: Fixed an issue where the Snippets sub-menu would not close after inserting a snippet
  • Settings: Fixed a bug which prevented setting hotkeys which also existed in application’s main menu
  • Misc: Fixed an issue where keyboard shortcuts would sometimes not be handled in the active window
  • Misc: Fixed an issue preventing the URL from being copied when using the 'Copy Link' item in the contextual menu
  • Misc: Fixed insertion point caret appearing duplicated in some instances
v1.69.0March 7, 2024

💬 New AI Chat

We’ve revamped AI Chat to make it easier to find, navigate, and manage your chats. All Window Management features are now supported too. And you can choose between keeping the window “Always on Top” like the floating behavior you’re used to, or let it behave like any regular macOS window. With this release, we’ve set a new foundation for exciting features coming soon to AI Chat.

Note: AI Chat is a part of our paid PRO subscription


✨ New

  • AI Chat: New sidebar to switch between chats, and search chats via their content
  • AI Chat: Choose between “Always on Top” or normal window behavior
  • AI Chat: Full Window Management support

💎 Improvements

  • AI Chat: Automatic Web Search preference is remembered across new chats
  • AI Chat: Button in the rename popover to generate a title with AI
  • AI Chat: Larger action palette and chat switcher
  • Snippets: Quicker overall snippet expansion and better detection of focusable elements
  • Snippets: Commands with parameters now properly working with the Text Expander
  • My Schedule: Show the conference provider icon in the event item
  • Calculator: Added support for time spans expressed in two units "in minutes and seconds", "in hours and minutes", etc.. The result for operations on time has been improved: for example, "25 min / 12" = (2 min 5 seconds), "1h20m + 45m" = (2 hours 5 min)
  • Calculator: Added support for formatting a date using the same format as the {date} dynamic placeholder - for example, "March 12, 2023 as EEEE, MMM d, yyyy" (= Sunday, Mar 12, 2023)
  • Calculator: For Europeans, added support for automatic 3 decimal places of accuracy in currency results: €12,995 - €1,747 = €11,248 (Note that the result is still 11, not 11 thousand)
  • Calculator: Added support for the Oklab and Oklch color formats
  • Quicklinks: Favicon resolving should be more robust now

🐞 Fixes

  • Date Picker: Fixed an issue where it was not possible to select dates in the past
  • Calculator: Fixed some color space conversion issues