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Turn ordinary tools into magical extensions with our API and speed up your tasks. Leave the heavy lifting to us.

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Build rich extensions with React, Node.js and TypeScript. Our docs cover guides, examples, references and more to help you build extensions and share them with our community.

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Complete tasks, create lists, browse media and improve your workflow. Manage all of your Extensions through a set of built-in developer tools, and publish Extensions to the Raycast Store, and share with the world.

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Keeping our ecosystem beautiful

Powerful and familiar tooling

Extensions are built with TypeScript, React and Node. Leverage npm's ecosystem to quickly build what you imagine.

No-brainer to build UI

You concentrate on the logic, we push the pixels. Use our built-in UI components to be consistent with all our extensions.

Collaborate with our community

Build your extension, share it with our community and get inspired by others.

A developer-first experience

A strongly typed API, hot-reloading and modern tooling that make it a blast to work with.

Easy to start, flexible to scale

Start with a simple script, add a static UI or use React to go wild. Anything goes.

Publish to the world

Submit your extension to the Raycast Store for thousands of Raycast users to use as part of their daily process.

You're in good company

It’s still early days, but here’s some words of motivation so you know you’re in the right place

“I'm super pumped about @raycastapp extensions, I've always wanted something like this for customizing my mac! Love that you can build extensions in TypeScript/React.”


“Been using Raycast for a while and showed it to a friend yesterday. I then showed him the extensions but he wanted a Bitbucket one, so I tried and in less than an hour had a basic extension running.”


“Really digging the new extensions API in @raycastapp. A quick key combo and you can scroll through a big ol' list of community hotkeys and commands, basically. This is what I wanted more than a decade ago in the Alfred days; love it.”


“Mac OS apps will always have softest spot for me. @raycastapp mixing React/Node with native tooling for extensions is a killer approach!”


“Exciting milestone for @raycastapp with their new API launch, bringing delightful productivity to developers day-to-day!”


“Developing extensions for @raycastapp is so easy and developer friendly ❤️”


“So extremely excited that @raycastapp finally opened the Extensions Store, so many great apps are already there 👏”


“Awesome work @raycastapp, it's incredible how easy and fast new extensions can be created”


“React? With a drop-in Spotlight replacement on MacOS? Yes, please. brb, converting all my janky shell scripts to beautiful interactive prompts.”


“I recently started playing with @raycastapp extensions API and I have to say I'm really impressed by how easy is to create an extension 🎉”


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