v1.78.0July 3, 2024

🪟 Window Layouts

We're introducing Create Window Layout Command, a dynamic new addition to custom window management that allows you to create ideal app layout configurations for your optimal workflow.


✨ New

  • Affiliate Program: You can now earn 30% commission by joining our Affiliate Program and sharing Raycast with your audience. If you’re logged in, look out for the “Become an Affiliate” and “Open Affiliate Dashboard” commands. Read our blog post to learn more.
  • Quicklink Icons: You can now set a custom icon for quicklinks. Choose from any icon in our icon set when you are creating or editing a Quicklink

💎 Improvements

  • Renamed the “Summarize Website” and “Ask Website” AI Commands to “Summarize Webpage” and “Ask Webpage” for a more accurate description of their functionality
  • Quicklink: The “autofill” feature now works with Arc
  • AI Chat: cmd + q will now close the AI Chat window
  • AI Chat: Add a setting to control the return key behavior when sending a message. You can now choose to use ⌘↵ to submit a message and have ↵ insert a new line in the composer
  • AI Chat: Added a Clipboard action to insert the current clipboard contents as an attachment
  • Clipboard History: Six-digit hexadecimal color codes copied from Graphics & Design apps are now automatically interpreted as colors
  • Send Feedback: A category can be assigned when submitting a feedback
  • Quit All Applications: The command will now close Raycast windows, including the AI Chat and Floating Notes, by default. You can turn off this behaviour in the command's settings

🐞 Fixes

  • Quicklink: Fixed copying the link of a Quicklink to a file. Previously it would actually copy the file itself.
  • AI Chat: Fixed cmd + Number being off by one in the sidebar when having the New Chat selected.
  • AI Chat: Fixed text grabbing from Google Docs and Slides.
  • AI Chat: Message submission is blocked until attachments are processed
  • AI Chat: Do not insert attachments when pasting text into the composer
  • AI Chat: Avoid prepending a new line when copying a code block