We write stuff from time to time that might be interesting 🤷‍

Why we pay equal salaries, wherever you work

Remote work is here to stay and location-independent salaries are our simple, transparent and fair compensation framework for it.

$15M Series A to make work frictionless

Announcing our platform, Series A and early access to team features

Making a Raycast Wallpaper

Here's our 6 step guide on how you can make your own Raycast wallpaper for your desktop (or even your mobile and tablet).

No code reviews by default

How we built an engineering culture based on trust that allows us to move incredibly fast without requiring code reviews.

Getting started with script commands

Raycast lets you put productivity ahead of your development processes and workflows.

Be obsessed with feedback, not metrics

Instead of relying heavily on analytics, we collaborate with our community and read every piece of feedback to figure out what to build next. Here is what we've learned so far.

Monthly focus documents instead of roadmaps

As an early-stage company you have to move fast and stay flexible to be successful. Focus documents are a lean way to balance execution and planning of product teams.

Inputs for Script Commands

Make your Script Commands more flexible with typed arguments.

Automate your Mac with Swift

Write Script Commands in Swift to trigger every-day tasks from Raycast.

Hello World

Announcing our public beta, seed round and developer program.