Aayush Pokharel
Aayush Pokharel
Hi, my name is Aayush Pokharel and I’m a Computer Science Student in Toronto, Canada. I’m also an Indie Developer who makes apps for the Apple ecosystem.

Favorite feature

The Clipboard History, My Schedule to join my remote classes, jotting down notes with Floating Notes, Window Management has replaced Magnet for me, Calculator for quick calculations, the new menu bar commands, etc.

Most used Commands, Quicklinks, Scripts and Snippets

Snippets - Using keywords like @personalm, @workem and @studentm automatically “type in” my emails for me.

Top extensions from the Store

  • CleanshotX - I’m super glad I made this extension and I'm happy a lot of people seem to use it as well!
  • Xcode - Has saved me several clicks per session.
  • Music - Replaces the need for me to open Apple Music app.
  • Twitter - Allows me to browse my feed in an efficient way removing all distractions that come along when visiting twitter.com.
  • Transmission - Helps me track my downloads on a remote server.
  • BTTV Emote and Emoji Search - Have helped me spice my discord messages!

Aliases, hotkeys, and fallback searches

  • ⌘ + space - I replaced Spotlight right from the beginning!
  • ⌘ + control + ⌥ + space - The confetti hotkey. You have to have a dedicated confetti button!

Anything else

I’ve been involved with the extensions community since the day I came to know of Raycast, I have about 10 extensions in the Store and 3 in the works 😉. I absolutely love the Raycast community, all the developers have been supportive through the entire process with feedback, suggestions, code reviews and testing.

I've received several emails from kind users telling me how much they love my extensions and how useful they are for them, which makes me super happy! (thanks Raycast)

P.S. I’ve spent hours staring at raycast.com, the design is 11/10! Even the landing page itself has inspired me to create amazing websites.

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