Astrit Malsia
Astrit Malsia
I am a UI Designer & Front-end Developer based in Stockholm, Sweden. CSS enthusiast, creator of CSS.GG and I do YouTube tutorials on the side.

Favorite feature

My favorite feature is Window Management and hands down the most used one.

I do love the fact that Raycast has cleaned up my menubar quite a lot by integrating different scripts and hotkeys directly from Raycast and ditching single feature apps.

The ability to favourite different scripts not be on your face UI has made a big difference on the way I work.

Floating notes you can know the importance for the fact that I assigned ⌃ + SPACE as hotkey I love it.

Locking the screen, Join a meeting in ⌘ + SPACE + Enter, killing an app, Clipboard history and the ability to assign a hotkey to pretty much anything, it is crazy to me.

Most used Commands, Quicklinks, Scripts and Snippets

One of the most used snippet is ::lorem which turn out a “Lorem Ipsum” sentence since I do quite a lot of web and need to fill that space fast as possible globally. Address, Phone and other details are among snippets I use quite often.

Quicklinks are a kind of fast navigation to web tools for me using shortcuts and all of them are mainly web Tools such as Dummy Images, SVG Compressing, etc.

Scripts is actually one of those things that make Raycast much more special as you get to add your input and make things work how you want and I got a bunch of them from setting a specific window size to personal YT stats and Crypto.


Top extensions from the Store

Twitter, YouTube, Cleanshot X, CSS.GG, Search Contacts, Search Web Docs are among the most used extensions from the store. And my most fav extension is Visual Studio Code Recent Projects.

Aliases, hotkeys, and fallback searches

I would not be able to live without my commands such as ⌘ + 1, ⌘ + 2 … to switch between apps in order on my dock which without a doubt has improved my productivity exponentially.

Second set of commands is using Window Management like ⌘ + SHIFT + 1 for Left Half, ⌘ + SHIFT + 2 for Right Half, ⌘ + SHIFT + 3 for Almost Maximize, ⌘ + SHIFT + 4 for Maximize — 200% improvement in productivity, I never use any more my mouse to control windows or apps.

⌃ + S to Search Selection on Google.

Anything else

I do sync everything using a private repo where I do store all the scripts, local extensions. This has enabled me to have same setup on all my machines including work.

Keeping fingers crossed 🤞 until I see the emoji picker globally like it is right now within Raycast 😂


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