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Send and search Tweets
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Raycast extension to search or send tweets on twitter.com

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  • Login via OAuth (default)
  • Login with access tokens (optional)
  • Search Recent Tweets from your timeline
  • Search your own Tweets
  • Send Tweets (Thread)
  • Reply to Tweets
  • Retweet Tweets
  • Display Tweet content directly in Raycast
  • Search Twitter users
  • Tweet Metadata view like impressions (only with OAuth mode)


The login works with Login with Twitter. Login with Twitter is activate as long as no access tokens are set in the extension preferences. When access tokens are set, the keys will be used for authentication and authorization instead of Login with Twitter. Also the API keys approach use v1 of the Twitter API. Login with Twitter use v2.

How to get the access token for the Twitter API (optional)

This step is optional and is not required for normal usage.

  • Goto https://apps.twitter.com

  • Register as developer

  • Create an app (this will be displayed next to your tweets)

  • Store the App-Key and the App-Secret in a secure(!) box

  • Then adjust the required permissions

    Per default it is read-only. This is fine if you only want to read tweets.

    If you want to e.g. like, retweet or send tweets, you should have at least read + write.

    Make sure that you change the permission before creating user access tokens. You can only change permission for an existing user access token by revoking/regenerate the tokens. Clients which use the old tokens would not work anymore!

  • Create User access tokens

After all these steps you should have all required 4 tokens.

  • API Key/App Key
  • API Secret/App Secret
  • User Access Key
  • User Access Token

Store them in a secure box, twitter want display that again for you.

You also need to activate OAuth 1.0a for at least v1 API, otherwise you will get an 403 error. Activate v2 is recommended, but right now not required.

  • Click on your Twitter app on https://apps.twitter.com
  • Navigate to User authentication settings
  • Press Set up
    • Activate OAuth 1.0a
    • Choose your App permissions as you like
    • Set https://raycast.com/redirect as Callback URI
    • Set https://raycast.com as Website URL
    • Press on Save

v1 vs v2 API

Twitter has 2 APIs - v1 and v2. Your Twitter app needs to have enabled v1 access when you use access tokens, otherwise you will get a 403 error. The v2 API of Twitter is still in progress and not all features are available.

Actual impl. differences between v1 and v2 mode in this extension

  • v2 use 2 actions for Like and Unlike (v1 use one action which change it's state based on if the tweet is liked or not), because there is no way in v2 if the current user liked a given tweet or not
  • Retweet works as in v1, but un-retweet action needs to be done on the retweet itself. In v1 it was done on the original one.
  • Search User command open twitter.com in the browser instead of show the result because there is no API for that in v2


Tweets from your timelime


Tweets from a specific user



Display tweets directly in raycast



Display your own tweets