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Raycast extension to search or send tweets on

Find this extension on the Raycast store raycast-extensions is released under the MIT license. PRs welcome! Follow @tonka_2000 Open in Visual Studio Code


  • Search Recent Tweets from your timeline
  • Search your own Tweets
  • Send Tweets
  • Reply to Tweets
  • Retweet Tweets
  • Display Tweet content directly in Raycast
  • Search Twitter users

How to get the access token for the twitter API

  • Goto

  • Register as developer

  • Create an app (this will be displayed next to your tweets)

  • Store the App-Key and the App-Secret in a secure(!) box

  • Then adjust the required permissions

    Per default it is read-only. This is fine if you only want to read tweets.

    If you want to e.g. like, retweet or send tweets, you should have at least read + write.

    Make sure that you change the permission before creating user access tokens. You can only change permission for an existing user access token by revoking/regenerate the tokens. Clients which use the old tokens would not work anymore!

  • Create User access tokens

After all these steps you should have all required 4 tokens.

  • API Key/App Key
  • API Secret/App Secret
  • User Access Key
  • User Access Token

Store them in a secure box, twitter want display that again for you.

You also need to activate OAuth 1.0a for at least v1 API, otherwise you will get an 403 error.

  • Click on your Twitter app on
  • Navigate to User authentication settings
  • Press Set up
    • Activate OAuth 1.0a
    • Choose your App permissions as you like
    • Set as Callback URI
    • Set as Website URL
    • Press on Save

v1 vs v2 API

Twitter has 2 APIs - v1 and v2. Your Twitter app needs to have enabled v1 access, otherwise you will get a 403 error. The v2 API of Twitter is still in progress and not all features are available which would be required for this extension.


Tweets from your timelime


Tweets from a specific user



Display tweets directly in raycast



Display your own tweets