Currencies, conversions, timezones and math expressions.

Simply type an expression to solve complex math equations or convert time zones, units and dates. Copy the answer to your clipboard to carry on with what you were doing before.


As a natural language calculator, the Raycast calculator extension is both intuitive and fast to use. Expressions or queries you could try:

Dates and timezones

Effortlessly synchronize for meetings and events without having to count dates in your calendar or work out time zones in your head.

Monday in 3 weeks17 May
5pm ldn in sf09:00
time in Dubai17:27
days until 25 Dec243 days
35 days ago22 March


Make currency or unit conversions straight from wherever you are on your desktop. Currency conversions are updated in the background at regular intervals, so you know that you are always getting the latest information.

10 usd in gbp£7,22
45 jpy to inr₹ 31,23
23C to F73,4 °F
29 inches to cm73,66 cm
4 feet to cm121,92 cm
3 teaspoon in ml14,78676ml

Math equations

Calculate math expressions in Raycast and copy the answer straight to your clipboard.

60 + 74134
4 power 64 096
32% of 51,6
8 dollars/hour in gbp£5,75/hour.
19m + 47%27,93 m.

If you'd like to customize the decimal separator in the Raycast calculator, we have written a short guide in our manual.