$15M Series A to make work frictionless

Announcing our platform, Series A and early access to team features

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AvatarPetr Nikolaev
AvatarThomas Paul Mann
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At Raycast, we make work frictionless. In the past year, we built features that made it easier for people to focus on their work. Today, we take the next step in our journey of bringing back joy to digital workspaces.

We're excited to announce that we've raised $15 million in Series A funding led by Accel and Coatue. At the same time, we're making our Extensions API and Store generally available and opening up early access to team features.

Here are the three exciting announcements from us:

  1. Extensions API & Store: From today on, you can access an ever-growing platform of productivity tools right in Raycast. Our community has already built more than 100 extensions, including Figma file search, home automation and GitLab integration. Our React and TypeScript API lets you build extensions with familiar tooling and share it with our community via our Store.
  2. Team features: You can sign up for early access to be amongst the first ones to experience Raycast for teams. Companies rely on an ever-growing jungle of SaaS tools, leaving teams drowning in inefficient workflows. Our team features allow co-workers to build and share productivity tools that suit their setup and save entire departments time.
  3. Series A funding: We have raised $15 million in Series A funding. Accel doubled down on their Seed investment and lead the Series A together with Coatue. We're also happy to welcome Koen Bok (CEO, Framer), Karri Saarinen (CEO, Linear), David Cramer (CEO, Sentry) and others to our growing family of investors.

This is a big milestone for our team and our community. We wanted to share our progress and what the future holds for Raycast:

Digital workspaces are broken. We spend too much time on busy work and are driven by notifications instead of motivations. Information is scattered across apps, and browser tabs fight for our attention. Our energy is drained by things that don't matter, and we finish our workdays feeling we haven't accomplished anything. This makes work stressful.

We built Raycast to calm down our workspaces and make interacting with tools effortless. For this, we've released many new features throughout the last year: Quicklinks let you seamlessly navigate the web and your computer. Snippets speed up your writing by inserting frequently used text. Clipboard History makes copied content searchable. Window management keeps your desktop tidy. The list goes on and on. These features made Raycast an indispensable tool for thousands of developers and designers.

Our platform is a new chapter for our community. From the get-go, we knew that we couldn't build all the extensions ourselves. Productivity is too personal. People use different tools and have distinct workflows. With our API, we make it easy to build the perfect productivity tools. You can use React and Node.js to create extensions with minimal effort, while keeping native performance and UI. Our Store allows you to discover extensions directly in Raycast and share them via a link with our community. It has never been easier to create and distribute a magical desktop experience. And we're just getting started.

A lot of highly-rewarding productivity tools are custom to the setup of teams. Some of those setups are even behind intranets or firewalls. Building internal tooling is hard. It often ends up in custom solutions, which are cumbersome to maintain and inconvenient for new joiners to learn. This leaves a ton of productivity untapped. We have a unique opportunity to become the internal tool for teams. Millions of developers can build something with our API without learning anything new in a tool that they are already familiar with. This will profoundly change how high-performing teams speed up their processes even further.

Not only does our product stand for efficiency, but our company does too. We ship updates every week, value quality over quantity, and eliminate bureaucracy to create a workplace where makers shine. We have a tight-knit team that rocks. Now, we're taking this to the next level and aim to become the hottest workforce in Europe. If you like what you've just read, say hello.

All of this wouldn't be possible without our amazing community. They motivate us to do better work, hold us accountable when we ship bugs, and guide us to build the best app. Thank you for being part of our journey. We deeply appreciate your help and never take it for granted.