François Rouault
François Rouault
Hey, I am François Rouault. I'm an iOS developer at who is also passionate about building Next.js side projects during my spare time.

Favorite feature

My 3 top features:

Top extensions from the Store

Disclaimer: I am the developer of this extension 😁

It’s called Google Chrome Profiles and I am using it every single day, very often. It helps opening the right Chrome profile in seconds.

Why I made this extension?

As a freelancer and indie hacker I have several customers and projects. Meaning I have several GitHub, Gitlab, Trello, Jira, Twitter, etc accounts.

Instead of constantly logging in and out from one account to another I, create a dedicated Google Chrome profile for every customer and side-project.

Indeed, Chromes built-in feature « Profile » allows you to create separate workspaces for your browsing experience: history, bookmarks, password, etc.

The problem is that switching between profiles is painful.

Hopefully, Raycast comes to your rescue 🦸

I made the Google Chrome Profiles extension so now I can hit ⌘ shift + M from anywhere and launch the right profile. Thanks Raycast!

Anything else

Raycast should come with macOS, by default! 🤩

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