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Google Chrome Profiles

Search, open, manage your Google Chrome profiles / workspaces
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Google Chrome Profiles

View your Google Chrome profiles, show bookmarks, open the right profile.


Profiles in Chrome are absolutely awesome. It allows to keep your browsing experience (bookmarks, navigation history, passwords, and other settings) separated by company / perso / pro / whatever.

Problem: jumping from a profile to another is painful.

Here comes this extension:

Hit ⌘ ⇧ M, choose the right profile, hit Enter ↵, and tada 🎉

jump from profile to profile

How it works

When the extension opens, it lists all your existing profiles.

Hit Enter ↵ to enter a profile's bookmarks, or ⌘ ↵ to open (or focus) the profile chrome window.

When entering a profile, you can choose whether:

  • open a new blank tab
  • filter the bookmarks and/or open a bookmark
  • search the input text in the search engine of your choice (cf. settings)
  • open the URL in the clipboard (if any of course) in a new tab

Hit Enter ↵ to open the selected item and close the Raycast main window, or ⌘ ↵ to open the selected item and keep Raycast opened.

show profile bookmarks

Hotkey (recommended)

I highly recommend that you map the default Google Chrome profile shortcut (⌘ ⇧ M) to open this extension. Like so:

command shortcut


If needed, set the URL for the new tab (default is about:blank) and your search engine in the extension setting (default is google.com).

extension setting