Haneen Mahdin
Haneen Mahdin
I’m Haneen, Co-Founder & CTO of Advenzer. I’m also a freelance Design Engineer.

Favorite feature

My favourite features include Window Management, which is a game changer for me. I use it almost 90% of the time I use Raycast. My other use cases include browsing through issues in GitHub and Linear, checking out Hacker News.

Most used commands, quicklinks, scripts, and snippets

Most used command would be Raycast AI! It feels at home to use ChatGPT on Raycast. Super fast and intuitive. Toggling on/off dark mode (Still on the fence 😅) would be another thing. I also set Quicklinks to websites I will surely need to work on for a week, so I don’t miss out on them. I always set Godly and Layers and mark them favourite on design days. It helps me curate a mood-board in Arc. Searching & browsing through File Search in Raycast feels so snappy and fast.


Top extensions from the Store

I use Notion, GitHub, Visual Studio Code Recent Projects, System Monitor and Hacker News and even more daily.

Aliases, hotkeys, and fallback searches

I have never tried Aliases before but would love to. I pretty much use Hotkeys all the time, I set up external actions with an extra Shift key added with the Modifier, other actions exclude the Shift which helps me differentiate between each one of them and understand what I am doing.

Anything else

I use Raycast, pretty much a lot these days. It’s a very helpful tool. Recently, I got interested in building a Raycast Extensions which was initially an idea of Pedro Duarte. It was super fun to work with the Raycast API! I published my first extension TFL to the Raycast Store, which helps staying up-to-date about arrivals of public transport in London and notify yourself about any delays in your favourite stop points.

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