Gavin Nelson
Gavin Nelson
I’m Gavin — a product and icon designer. I currently work at GitHub as a product designer, shaping the future of GitHub Mobile. I also spend my free time crafting app icons for a wide variety of clients.

Favorite feature

It’s not exactly a feature but I love how customizable all the Raycast Commands are. I have many keyboard shortcuts set up for running extensions and quickly launching apps. And aliases and Quicklinks for opening certain bookmarks.

Beyond being customizable, I love the File Search features and Clipboard History. I find it much faster to open Raycast’s File Search and quickly navigate a file tree than to dig through Finder.

Most used Commands, Quicklinks, Scripts and Snippets

I think my most used Raycast feature is launching apps via hotkeys I’ve set up. I use these shortcuts for launching my most used apps, probably multiple times a minute.

Controlling my computer with Raycast has basically become second nature at this point — I’m opening apps, often using the window resizing commands, running my own Apple scripts, and toggling between light and dark mode every day. I’m honestly not sure how I did all of this efficiently before Raycast.

Top extensions from the Store

I’m a big fan of the CleanShot X extension to quickly access some of the non-keyboard powered features like screen recording and self-timer.

Aliases, hotkeys, and fallback searches

I’ve already talked about this a bit above, but I’m a big keyboard shortcut fan. If you ask me what keyboard shortcuts I use to do what, I wouldn’t be able to tell you at this point, because they’re all muscle memory.

I love that Raycast gives me complete control over keyboard shortcuts for all Commands, Quicklinks, and Snippets. The only thing faster than typing “right” in Raycast to position a window on the right half of the screen is hitting ⌥ ⌃ ➜ 😎

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