David Martin
David Martin
Hi, I’m Martin 👋 I’m an iconographer, product designer and Raycast user. I like to tweet about everything to do with icon design.

Favorite feature

Quicklinks are super handy and save me a lot of time. I never need to go around searching for the things I use daily. Also I love how easily I can start our daily stand up call.

Most used Commands, Quicklinks, Scripts and Snippets

I’d say Search DuckDuckGo, File Search by Raycast and I use the Figma Files extension from the Store quite a lot. It makes it easy to find and open files inside Figma, without looking around the app.

Top extensions from the Store

My top 3 would have to be:

Figma Files Google Translate Reminders

Aliases, hotkeys, and fallback searches

The ones I use most are:

⌘ ⌥ + Delete = Sleep

⌃ + F = Figma Files

⇧ ⌘ + S = Search DuckDuckGo

Anything else

It just works, I’ve never had any problems with Raycast! File Search feels so smooth and fast.

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