Viktor Opanasenko
Viktor Opanasenko
I am Viktor, Chief Marketing Officer at Neural Innovations Ltd.

Favorite feature

The coolest feature of Raycast is definitely the fact that you can customize absolutely anything you want with hotkeys and aliases to make it as convenient as possible for you. This gives an unreal boost to productivity and ease of interaction with the computer.

Most used commands, quicklinks, scripts, and snippets

The Clipboard History, which I have on ⌥+C and Window Management (⌃⌥⌘+arrows).

Due to the specifics of my work, I have to use Google Bard and ChatGPT separately on a daily basis, so I set up Quicklinks for quick access to them without opening the browser. This is damn convenient and saves a lot of time! I am also delighted with the ability to perform calculations directly in the Raycast window, as well as to see the current time in different cities, where, for example, my colleagues are now located.

Top extensions from the Store

Aliases, hotkeys, and fallback searches

Open applications:

  • Arc ⌥+A
  • Calendar ⌥+I
  • Discord ⌥+D
  • Notion ⌥+N
  • Reminders ⌥+R
  • Spotify ⌥+S
  • Telegram ⌥+T
  • Anki ⌥+O

Raycast commands:

  • Clipboard History ⌥+C
  • Paste as Plain Text ⌥+V
  • Open New Incognito Window (Arc extension) ⇧⌘+N
  • Search (Spotify extension) ⌥+\
  • Toggle Floating Notes Window ⌥+Z
  • Confetti ⌃⌥⌘+C
  • Search Files ⌥+F and sf as alias
  • Search Menu Items ⌃⌥⌘+I
  • Window Management ⌃⌥⌘+arrows

Anything else

I highly recommend starting Raycast configuration "from scratch", adding only those commands, applications, and extensions that you plan to use. This way you will never be distracted by unnecessary things. I also recommend studying the experience of using Raycast by other people. I have read absolutely all the stories on this website, and I have also watched ALL possible videos on YouTube. Now, before I perform any task, I always think, can this be implemented within Raycast? If it can, then how and do I need a convenient Hotkey or Alias for the future?

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