Rauno Freiberg
Rauno Freiberg
Hey, my name is Rauno 👋 I love crafting interfaces with the tiniest of details, that make you feel like building something beautiful on your own. I’ve worked with companies such as The Browser Company and Vercel.

Favorite feature

Window Management is one of my most used features. Clipboard History has saved my life countless times whenever I’ve messed something up while coding.

But my favorite has to be the quick maths I can do with Raycast. I use it all the time to convert timezones and calculate anything. I especially love the shorthands which do calculations super fast.

Most used Commands, Quicklinks, Scripts and Snippets

Probably “Move Left” and “Move Right” under Window Management. I’m very bad at customising software and adopting new behaviours into my daily workflow. Maybe it’s just because Raycast’s defaults are so good…

Top extensions from the Store

Besides the native GitHub one, I use Spotify Controls, Weather, and Figma Search a lot.

Aliases, hotkeys, and fallback searches

No fallback searches besides the default ones. Looking forward to setting extensions as fallback searches!

I’m also very lazy about making my life easier with custom hotkeys. I feel like the algorithm for Raycast search is so good that often times I can jump to my desired app by typing the first letter of it and hitting Enter. I do this a lot 😅

Anything else

Besides the productivity enhancements, I’m very observant and appreciative of the visual polish that the team behind Raycast brings to every part of their product and web. They just don’t miss.

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