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Raycast extension to create, search and modify issues, manage merge requests, projects and more.

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  • Search Videos
  • Search Channels
  • Popular Videos

and more

How to get a YouTube enabled Google API Key

⚠️ The following description can change over time. Make sure to obtain an API key and not an OAuth key! You can search on YouTube to get a video about the process like this video.

  • Goto Google Developers Console

    Make sure that you logged in with the Google Account which will be associated with your new API Key

  • Create a project and named it e.g. Raycast

    This step take some seconds until the project is created.

  • Enable the Youtube Data API v3

    1. Click here
    2. Press the Enable button
  • Create credentials

    1. Click here
    2. Click on Create Credentials in the upper menu bar
    3. Click on API key
    4. When you get asked which Credential Type you wanna use click on Public data.
    5. You should now see your API key
    6. Copy the API key to the clipboard
  • Use the API key from the previous step in the API Key field of this extension

Now you should be able to search videos and channels on YoutTube with Raycast 🚀.