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Fastest Notion to-do app ever


Manage your tasks for Taskplane right in Raycast


Search all your design tokens and assets, copy and paste them in your favorite tools: Notion pages, Pitch presentations, Slack discussions, etc.


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View and modify your Vercel projects and deployments.

Max Leiter Max Leiter 1,415

Access Google Drive files.

Raycast Raycast 391 Beta

Raycast extension for Shortcut

Yukai Huang Yukai Huang New

Bring Linear to every corner of your Mac. Create, search, and modify your issues. Stay on top of your notifications in the menu bar.

Raycast Raycast 609 Beta

Search Bibmanager Database from Raycast

Create Fantastical events and reminders using Fantasticals natural language processing.

Devah Schaefers Devah Schaefers New

View and manage your servers and sites

Get and set Raycast official wallpapers.

koinzhang koinzhang 571

Get, set, auto-switch Bing wallpapers to explore the world.

koinzhang koinzhang 288

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