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Emoji Search

Finds emojis and inserts or copies them.

1Password 7

Search, open or edit your 1Password 7 passwords from Raycast

Figma File Search

Lists Figma files allowing you to search and navigate to them.


Explore the library and discover the incredible work of our community

View and manage torrents directly from Raycast.

Quickly enable and disable vpn connections

Initiate pairing sessions in Tuple.

Search for Streams, Channels or Games on Twitch


Send and search Tweets

Michael Aigner

Quickly access your two-factor authentication codes.

Browse and copy-paste common Unicode symbols.

Convert between unix timestamp and human readable form date

A quick way to generate UUIDs without opening the browser

You can quickly access the 10 most popular posts of v2ex at the moment. Note: The v2ex home page can be reached by visiting through your browser. For users in China, proxy access is supported.

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