Paco Coursey
Paco Coursey
Hey, I’m Paco 👋 I spend my time crafting interfaces at Linear.

Favorite feature

It’s got to be Window Management, app hotkeys, and Clipboard History. Entire Mac apps are dedicated to these features, while Raycast gives a simple, polished experience out of the box.

Most used Commands, Quicklinks, Scripts and Snippets

I use tons of Snippets to save time typing out the same stuff. I give commonly used symbol characters a shortcut, for example !!cmd becomes .

I use Snippet keywords to automatically expand my writing with the piece of code I need, including:

  • Next.js helpers like scaffolding _app and _document
  • JavaScript util functions like randomBetween and sleep
  • CSS partials like flexRow, flexColumn, and cssReset
  • React helpers like tsComp, importReact, and styledComp

Top extensions from the Store

Aliases, hotkeys, and fallback searches

Every app I use daily has a hotkey to make things quicker and smoother. I’m constantly jumping between my browser ⌘⇧ + \, Slack ⌘⇧ + S, Linear ⌘⇧ + L, VS Code ⌘⇧ + enter, and Terminal ⌘⇧+. Hotkeys are a big time saver!

Every quarter, third and half-size Window Management also has a hotkey (⌘⌥⌃ + arrow keys and jkl;').

Anything else

Raycast is the first app I install on every computer I use! It’s designed and destined for macOS, and its speed and capability are a daily joy at work.

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