Matthieu de Maulmin
Matthieu de Maulmin
I’m Matthieu, Partnerships Manager at Stockly, and therefore one of the happy few non-product people to write a Raycast community story (for now).

Favorite feature

My favorite feature is to be able to search any everyday app I use directly via Raycast.

I use Extensions hotkeys for a lot of apps:

I also search common online services with Quicklink hotkeys:

  • ⌥ + I for LinkedIn
  • ⌥ + D for Deepl (via Deepcast)
  • ⌥ + W or ⌥ + < for French-English or English-French translations via WordReference, and many others.

Second favourite which cannot not be mentioned is the Clipboard History and Window Management, that I have already been using via other apps in the past, and that Raycast now perfectly and smoothly replaces.

Most used Commands, Quicklinks, Scripts and Snippets

Besides the already mentioned Quicklinks, I happen to use a lot Raycast to just search Google, which is my default command when typing something in the bar.

I use a huge amount of snippets for frequently used sequences, like writing my full name, adding salutations to an email, writing an email address I use, a phone number, a one sentence presentation of myself, a blurb of my company, or my company identification number, tax number, address, past frequently shared URLs etc. I use ⌘ + ⇧ + space to trigger these snippets.

I started also using Scripts quite late but use a lot one to open Downloads ⌘ ⇧ + D, close all Finder windows ⌘ ⇧ + W, or empty Trash ⌘ ^ + O

Top extensions from the Store

I already mentioned some as being my favourites, but the others I use frequently are Google Maps Search, Open Browser Profiles, Spotify Control and Spotify Player.

Aliases, hotkeys, and fallback searches

I have hotkeys to launch frequently used apps, like mentioned above, notably…

  • Notion ⌥ + N
  • Front ⌥ + F
  • Slack ⌥ + S
  • Chrome ⌥ + C
  • Texts ⌥ + T

I also it very often to search emojis ⌘ ^ + space or toggle Bluetooth ⌘ ^ + B.

I use few aliases, but some of the ones I do use are:

  • To search gif gif
  • Search CrunchBase cb
  • Search Wikipedia wiki

Anything else

I love a lot how fast Raycast product improves thanks to the work of the developers community that I follow on Slack.

I would actually have loved to know how to code myself to also develop some extensions or scripts (like to search Front if someone reads that 🙏), but unfortunately do not have the skills yet 🤓.

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