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Google Maps Search

Quickly open Google Maps directions, for example from your current location to your home.
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Google Maps Search


  1. Enter your home address in Raycast preferences. It will be used to quickly pull up directions to your home.
  2. Select your preferred mode of travel. This will be the default for all searches.
  3. For full functionality you should allow Google Maps to access your location in your preferred browser. This way Travel Home and Travel To will immediately pull up directions starting from your current location.


Use the extension's search fields as you would use the ones on Google Maps. They can take regular addresses, as well as building names.


This extension provides the option to autofill the destination field of the Find Place and Travel To commands. The field will be filled using highlighted text or the last copied text if enabled. Enable it in the extension's settings.


This extension only stores your address locally to pass it to the Google Maps API. This extension does nothing else with your info.