Jakub Soboczyński
Jakub Soboczyński
I’m Jakub, Frontend Developer of IDcom Group.

Favorite feature

My most favorite feature is quick access for emojis, text snippets, fast opening apps, quickly adding a reminder, event in calendar, checking the weather, managing clipboard history 🔥, managing windows (I’m a really big fan!), managing docker containers, using a password manager, search browser bookmarks, and a lot more!

With Raycast, I could uninstall so many apps I use on a daily basis!

Most used Commands, Quicklinks, Scripts and Snippets

My favorite extensions are My Schedule, My Reminders, and Weather. This way I can check upcoming events, tasks, or weather in my city in a very quick way.

Also, I often browse repositories on Github, manage Spotify player, manage Docker containers or use extensions to improve the developer experience 🔥


Top extensions from the Store

I use CSS Calculations, Brew, Bitwarden Vault, Color Casket, Docker, GitHub, JSON2TS, Keyboard Maestro - List Macros, Netlify, Raindrop.io, Can I Use, HTTP Status Codes, n8n, Tailwind CSS, Speedtest, Set Audio Device, Battery Health, MyIP, Devdocs… Wait a minute, did I just list them all? 🤯 No it's not possible, there are some more 🔥

Aliases, hotkeys, and fallback searches

  • I trigger Raycast with ⌃ + SPACE and use it in of course dark mode.
  • Karabiner-elements helps me to set it as HyperKey ⇧ ⌃ ⌘ ⌥, so it’s super easy to trigger a lot of extensions/scripts with ⇪ + key.
  • For example, I trigger Bitwarden Vault with ⇪ + P
  • Browser Bookmarks with ⇪ + B
  • Emojis ⇪ + E
  • Raindrop.io with ⇪ + R
  • Clipboard History with ⇪ + C
  • Search Menu Items with ⇪ + M
  • Google Translate with ⇪ + T
  • File Search with ⇪ + F

Anything else

Of course, I am part of the community. I build extensions on my own.

So far, I've only built CSS Calculations, which can generate the Clamp method in CSS, while it certainly won't be my last extension! I just need to come up with an idea for a new useful extension... Maybe you have a suggestion? Let me know!

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