Joe Bell
Joe Bell
Hey, I’m Joe, a consultant UI engineer 👋

Favorite feature

The bounce animation and lightsaber, obviously 🔦

I’m a big fan of the Window Management Feature – it’s much nicer than dragging windows with BetterSnapTool.

I love being able to trigger Shortcuts (previously Siri Shortcuts) directly from Raycast. Honestly it sounds silly, but even little things like being able to type “Settings” in Raycast and it knowing I mean “System Preferences” – something Spotlight can’t do – is really appreciated.

Most used Commands, Quicklinks, Scripts and Snippets

One of the most-used killer Commands for me is being able to see my next Zoom meeting when I start up Raycast. It saves so much time faffing around with calendars and invites to find a link to a call. “Lock Screen” is a top hit too.

Top extensions from the Store

I think Zoom is the one I use most. I have a few installed but I don’t use them too regularly.

Aliases, hotkeys, and fallback searches

Nothing configured just yet 🔜

Anything else

I’ve started building an extension but haven’t got around to finishing it just yet! I love the idea of being able to build native extensions with React.js – it really levels the playing field for contributing.

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