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Work with issues, pull requests, manage workflows, search repositories and stay on top of notifications
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Create IssueCreate Issue

Create an issue in one of your GitHub repositories.

Created IssuesCreated Issues

List issues created by you.

Open IssuesOpen Issues

List issues assigned to you or mentioning you.

My Pull RequestsMy Pull Requests

List pull requests you created, particpated or you were mentioned.

Create Pull RequestCreate Pull Request

Create a pull request in one of your GitHub repositories.

Workflow RunsWorkflow Runs

Manage workflow runs for a selected GitHub repository.


List inbox notifications from all repositories or a selected repository.

Search Pull RequestsSearch Pull Requests

Search recent pull requests globally in all repositories.

Search IssuesSearch Issues

Search recent issues globally in all repositories.

Search RepositoriesSearch Repositories

Search in your public or private repositories by name.

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