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Spotify Controls

Control the Spotify app for macOS with your keyboard.
AvatarThomas Paul Mann
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Plays current track in Spotify.


Pause current track in Spotify.

Toggle Play/PauseToggle Play/Pause

Toggles play or pause of current track in Spotify.

Previous TrackPrevious Track

Skips to the previous track in Spotify.

Next TrackNext Track

Skips to the next track in Spotify.

Current TrackCurrent Track

Currently playing track in Spotify.

Skip BackwardSkip Backward

Skips backward x seconds in Spotify.

Backward To The BeginningBackward To The Beginning

Plays current track from the beginning in Spotify.

Skip ForwardSkip Forward

Skips forward x seconds in Spotify.

Increase VolumeIncrease Volume

Increase volume in Spotify.

Decrease VolumeDecrease Volume

Decrease volume in Spotify.

Set Volume to 25%Set Volume to 25%

Sets volume to 25% in Spotify.

Set Volume to 50%Set Volume to 50%

Sets volume to 50% in Spotify.

Set Volume to 75%Set Volume to 75%

Sets volume to 75% in Spotify.

Set Volume to 100%Set Volume to 100%

Sets volume to 100% in Spotify.

Copy Current Track URLCopy Current Track URL

Currently playing song's URL in Spotify.

Toggle ShuffleToggle Shuffle

Toggles shuffle mode in Spotify.

Shuffle PlayShuffle Play

Plays current track with shuffle enabled.

Toggle RepeatToggle Repeat

Toggles repeat mode in Spotify.

Toggle Private SessionToggle Private Session

Toggles Private Session in Spotify.