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Reddit Search

Search Reddit, Subreddits, or within Subreddits and list the results in Raycast.


Fastest way to search and create Notion page.

Formula 1

List the current standings in Formula 1


Explore the library and discover the incredible work of our community

Quickly encode or decode base64 from the clipboard


Manage Docker with Raycast

Priit Haamer

Search and open recent projects from Visual Studio Code.

Search, sync and use your Authy 2fa tokens with Raycast

Transform a string between camelCase, snake_case, CONSTANT_CASE, and more

Interface with the Dash application, allowing users to quickly search through documentation sets.

View calendar month-by-month

Open currently selected Finder (or Path Finder) window in Terminal (or iTerm2) and vice versa


Create beautiful images of your code using

Open WhatsApp chats

Victor Navarro

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