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Supercharged productivity for Webflow. Bring Webflow to every corner of your OS. Open any project from anywhere. Site settings and more.
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Webflow Extension by Peeks

Supercharged productivity for Webflow.

This extension gives you shortcuts over common Webflow project tasks to help save you time! Bring Webflow to every corner of your OS.


  • List & Search All Your Projects
  • Open Site in Webflow Designer
  • Open Live Site
  • Open Site settings, account settings, Webflow showcase etc.

How to authenticate your account

  1. Click generate at https://www.peeks.co/raycast
  2. Select all your sites and click Authorize
  3. Copy the API key and paste into Raycast Webflow Extension

Now you should be able to access Webflow with Raycast 🚀.

Find this extension on the Raycast store. Released under the MIT license. PRs welcome!

More info at www.peeks.co/raycast