Machiel Kreiken
Machiel Kreiken
I’m a Project Manager/Product Manager at a digital agency. We develop Magento websites with our own open-source headless frontend.

Favorite feature

As a PM, I switch between a lot of Jira projects for my customers. So I’ve created bookmarks with a project key for each project, with the correct board and view I want. So with ⌥ + b I open my bookmark search and type my project key.

It’s the same for “TEST” or RC websites of our customers, and a lot of other websites I commonly use. It’s so nice being able to open the website you want at any time. It saves me a heap of time! I also couldn’t live without Clipboard History 😌

Most used Commands, Quicklinks, Scripts and Snippets

Instead of ⌘ + tabbing to applications, I’ve created a "super key” out of my caps lock. But I don't use it for CAPITALS, do you?

With this super key I created application shortcuts. So superkey + W brings me to the web, superkey + S brings me to Slack, and so on. Instant app switching with a hotkey enables me to work faster ❤️


Aliases, hotkeys, and fallback searches

If I don’t have a bookmark for a specific project in Jira, I use my own search. With this I can just type “jira ISSUE-125” and the browser opens directly on the correct issue. It’s basically a custom browser search engine in Raycast, which means I’m not wading through tickets to find what I need.


Anything else

I really like the active community. Keep up the good work 🙏

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