Karl Koch
Karl Koch
I’m Karl Koch, a Software designer, developer, writer, tinkerer, and musician. I’m currently Product Design Lead at Moneybox and Design Lead at Cosmic.

Favorite feature

My favourite (I’m from the UK 😅) specific Raycast feature has to be dynamic snippets. More on how I use some of those below, but these allow me to reduce repetitive tasks down into lightning fast commands.

But the biggest overall feature of Raycast is that it allows me to consolidate multiple dedicated apps into a single app, allowing me to declutter my Macs and improve my day-to-day experience.

Most used Commands, Quicklinks, Scripts and Snippets

I used to use TextExpander for dynamic snippets years ago, then had a separate app called Espanso running but it was pretty unreliable. So being able to have {date} as an option that I can trigger with just .date, or {time} triggered with .time is super awesome. I do the same thing with time and other useful repetitive outputs such as my address.

Clipboard History (which I get to with the alias ch) is amazing, but I’m also a huge fan of the My Schedule feature (which I get to with sh).

I couldn’t live without Floating Notes which I can get to either with an fn alias or ⌘ ⌃ ⌥ + N, or the Window Management features (⌃ ⌥ + arrow keys for arranging my windows to the left, right, top or bottom halves of my screen easily, plus many others, including my most used which is centring ⌃ ⌥ + ↵). Having window management, dynamic snippets and emoji search has enabled me to condense three separate apps/services into one single product that also happens to be the fastest way to find anything on my Mac too. Magic.

I’ve got a plan to expand out my Snippet library over time to include more useful options for repetitive tasks, especially for common code snippets.

Top extensions from the Store

  • Notion for searching through my Notion tasks quicky
  • Lorem Ipsum for generating simple placeholder content when building
  • Figma File Search to quickly find files I’m working on and launch them
  • Brew to update and manage my Homebrew packages
  • Cleanshot X to quickly access Cleanshot commands

Aliases, hotkeys, and fallback searches

I’ve mentioned a load above, but some other aliases and hotkeys I use a lot are:

  • The alias ddg or hotkey ⌘ ⇧ + S lets me quickly search DuckDuckGo
  • The alias find or hotkey ⌘ ⌥ ⌃ + F let me easily perform a system file search
  • .para and .sent copy Lorem Ipsum paragraphs or sentences straight to my clipboard

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