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Home Assistant

Home Assistant remote control. Control your house with Raycast 🚀
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Home Assistant

Raycast extension to manage your Home Assistant. Control your house with Raycast 🚀

Find this extension on the Raycast store raycast-extensions is released under the MIT license. PRs welcome! Follow @tonka_2000 Open in Visual Studio Code


  • Manage all your Home Assistant entities
  • Control your lights
  • Control your mediaplayer
  • Control your covers
  • Show all entities
  • Show all entities with attributes

and all in real time 🚀.

How to get the access token for Home Assistant

  • Goto to your Home Assistant instance e.g. https://myhomeassistant:8123
  • Click on your profile (next to notifications) in the left sidebar
  • Scroll down to the Long-Lived Access Tokens section
  • Create a token via Create Token
  • Store the given token in a secure box, Home Assistant wont show it again
  • Go to the Raycast preferences of Home Assistant or start a Home Assistant command
  • Set your Home Assistant URL like e.g. https://myhomeassistant:8123
  • Set your access token from the previous step into API Token

Now you should be able to manage your Home Assistant instance with Raycast 🚀.

Home Network Detection

You can (optionally) define an internal URL of your local home network which is typically a faster connection. The Internal URL is used when the WiFi SSID of your home network is detect or the internal url is ping-able (ping can be explicitly be turned off for some cases where ping can be slow). You can defined one or multiple home network SSIDs.


  • Home Assistant URL: https://1234321234331.ui.nabu.casa
  • Internal URL: http://homeassistant.local:8123
  • Home Wifi SSID: MyWifi1, MyWifi2

If the current WiFi SSID is MyWifi1 the internal URL would be used. If the current WiFi SSID is AntoherNetwork the Home Assistant URL would be used.