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Create, search and modify issues, manage merge requests, projects and more.
AvatarMichael Aigner
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My Open IssuesMy Open Issues

My GitLab Issues

Search IssuesSearch Issues

Search GitLab Issues

Create IssueCreate Issue

Create GitLab Issue

My Merge RequestsMy Merge Requests

You GitLab Merge Requests

Search Merge RequestsSearch Merge Requests

Search Merge Requests

Create Merge RequestCreate Merge Request

Create GitLab Merge Request

Search UserSearch User

Search GitLab user

My TodosMy Todos

My GitLab Todos

My ReviewsMy Reviews

My GitLab Reviews

Search GroupsSearch Groups

Search GitLab Groups

Search ProjectsSearch Projects

Search GitLab Projects

My Starred ProjectsMy Starred Projects

Starred GitLab Projects

My ProjectsMy Projects

My GitLab Projects

My GroupsMy Groups

GitLab Groups


GitLab Epics

Search EpicsSearch Epics

Search GitLab Epics

Recent ActivitiesRecent Activities

Recent GitLab Activities

Set StatusSet Status

Managed My GitLab Status

My Recent CommitsMy Recent Commits

Managed My Recent Commits

Todos Menu BarTodos Menu Bar

Show your todos directly in the Menubar

Merge Requests Menu BarMerge Requests Menu Bar

Display Merge Request directly in the Menubar

Issues Menu BarIssues Menu Bar

Display Issues directly in the Menubar