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Create, search and modify issues, manage merge requests, projects and more.
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Raycast extension to create, search and modify issues, manage merge requests, projects and more.

Find this extension on the Raycast store raycast-extensions is released under the MIT license. PRs welcome! Follow @tonka_2000 Open in Visual Studio Code


  • Manage your issue
  • Manage your assigned issues
  • Manage your GitLab todos
  • Manage your projects
  • Manage your epics
  • Manage your merge requests
  • Manage your reviews
  • Search other users

and many more

How to get the access token for the GitLab API

  • Goto to your GitLab instance e.g. https://gitlab.com

  • Click on your avatar image in the right upper corner

  • Click on Edit profile

  • Click on Access Tokens on the left sidebar

  • Give your token a name e.g. raycast and set an expiration date (highly recommended)

  • Select your scope of choice

    You need at least read_api. When you want to make write operation via raycast, you should use api

  • Store the given access token in a secret box because GitLab want show you the key again

  • Go to the preferences in Raycast (or start any command of GitLab extension)

  • Set your GitLab instance url

    For gitlab.com this would be https://gitlab.com. Your own instance could be https://mygitlab.org.

  • Set the token from the previous step into the API Token field

Now you should be able to manage your GitLab instance with Raycast 🚀.

API Token/Personal Access Token scope

For all read only commands the read_api scope is enough. If you want to create/modify e.g. an issue you need the api scope.

Self-hosted instance

If you use a self hosted instance make sure that you set your custom CA certificate in the preferences. This can be a tricky process and you need to make sure that you use the right certificate otherwise you get an error. The extension use your certificate and pass it directly to nodejs network stack. If you have troubles checkout various nodejs guides around the internet or checkout the official nodejs documentation.

You can disable certificate errors, but this is not recommended for security reasons ⚠️.




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