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Apple Notes

Search and create notes within the Apple Notes application.
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Apple Notes

Search for and create Apple Notes directly within Raycast.

Search notes

There are various ways to search for a note in Apple Notes. You can search a note by its title, folder name, account name, snippet (1st few lines of a note), or accessories. The latter means there are special keywords to search for some notes:

  • Use checklist, todo, and task to view your tasks with a checklist. progress and active show your checklists in progress, while done and completed display your completed checklists.
  • Use locked, password, or protected to access your password-protected notes.
  • Use shared to view notes you have shared with someone.

Create notes

There are two commands that allows you to create new notes:

  • New Note is the manual way of creating a note. You can do it through various ways: selecting a text, filling the Text argument, or using New Note as a fallback command.
  • AI Note allows you to use the AI to write a note. There are two arguments to this: Text which is essentially the note's topic and Additional instructions allowing you to provide instructions to the AI.