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Quick Stripe dashboard functionality and quick link access
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View Balance Transactions logo View Balance Transactions

Shows a detailed view of your recent balance transactions

View Balance logo View Balance

Shows an overview of your latest account balances

View Charges logo View Charges

Shows a detailed view of your recent charges

View Connected Accounts logo View Connected Accounts

Shows a detailed view of your connected accounts

View Events logo View Events

Shows a detailed view of your recent events

View Payment Intents logo View Payment Intents

Shows a detailed view of your recent payment intents

Create New Invoice logo Create New Invoice

It creates an invoice for your business on your stripe account

Create New Payment logo Create New Payment

Send and accept payments

Create New Product logo Create New Product

Add a new offering to your stripe product catalog

Create New Subscription logo Create New Subscription

Create new subscription accounts for your customers

Welcome to the Stripe Extension

Getting Started

  1. Head over to your Stripe Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Developers > API Keys.
  3. For the stripeLiveApiKey preference variable, enter your live API key (Secret Key).
  4. For the stripeTestApiKey preference variable, enable Test Mode and then copy over the test API Key (Secret Key).
  5. Done! Enjoy easy access to your Stripe Dashboard!