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Podcasts Now

Manage, explore, and listen to podcasts all in one place through Raycast.
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Podcasts Now

Manage, explore and listen podcasts all in one place through Raycast.


Manage Podcasts

When using Podcasts Now for the first time, it will ask to add a podcast or manage podcasts. The user will be able to search for podcasts and subscribe to some of them. The user can also manage podcasts by filling in podcast feed URLs manually or importing them from a file through the manage podcasts action. Then the user could add or remove podcasts at any time through the "add podcast" and "manage podcasts" action in the actions panel.

Play a Podcast

The user can explore all subscribed podcasts. Enter any podcast, and it will show all episodes from that podcast. Select an episode will start playing the episode through Music.app (will run Music.app in the background).


There is a player section on top of the podcasts list section. It will show the current player's state, like playing/pause/stopped. Tapping the item will toggle play/pause for the current playing podcast.


This plugin allows users to forward/rewind 15 seconds through actions listed in the action panel.

Menu Bar Player

The user can easily check the player's current state from the menu bar icon and menu bar items. The menu bar items also have control actions like play/pause/forward/rewind.