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YouVersion Bible Suggest

Allows you to search the YouVersion Bible quickly and easily

YouVersion Suggest for Raycast

Copyright 2022 Caleb Evans
Released under the MIT license

This Raycast extension allows you to search the YouVersion Bible quickly and easily. You can:

  • Look up a specific verse or chapter by name
  • Search for Bible verses matching a specific phrase
  • Copy any verse contents to the clipboard.
  • Choose an alternate language (other than English) and/or pick your preferred version/translation (e.g. ESV, NKJV)

Filter Bible Reference Search the Bible by Phrase


Filter Bible Reference

Allows you to quickly jump to a particular Bible chapter, verse, or range of verses just by typing the name of that Bible reference.

Search the Bible by Phrase

Allows you to find Bible verses related to a particular phrase or topic

Set Bible Preferences

Allows you to set your preferred language, version/translation, and more. Available preferences include:


The language to use for Bible reference names and content (e.g. "Salmos 1" instead of "Psalms 1"). Please note that this preference does not impact the names of the extension's commands or other informational text.


The Bible version/translation to use for Bible content (e.g. "ESV" instead of "NIV"). The list of available versions is dependent on what language you have currently selected.

Reference Format

A text string that controls the format of Bible content that you copy to the clipboard. It can contain blank lines and most other special characters, as well as any of the following "magic" variables:

  • {content}: The textual content of the Bible reference, minus the citation (e.g. "Jesus wept.")
  • {name}: The title of the copied Bible reference, minus the version information (e.g. "John 11:35")
  • {version}: The version/translation of the copied Bible reference (e.g. "ESV" or "NIV")

Some examples include:

{name} ({version})

– {name} ({version})


This project is not affiliated with YouVersion, and all Bible content is copyright of the respective publishers. The Bible app icon used in this extension is property of YouVersion.