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Start, stop, and save countdown timers, directly in Raycast, with no external dependencies.
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Timers for Raycast

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This is a lightweight extension allowing you to start and stop countdown timers, stopwatches, and alarms. It works directly in Raycast, no external apps or dependencies required. Now available in the Raycast Store!

If you enjoy using Timers for Raycast and/or want to support further development, feel free to donate below!

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Note: if you do not receive notifications from the timer completion, you may need to allow Script Editor notifications in your Focus settings.

  • Start Timer (2, 5, 10, 15, 25, 30, 45, 60, and 90 minute variations)
  • Start Custom Timer (allows you to set a custom countdown and optionally save it for future use)
  • Manage Timers (view/rename/start/stop running or preset countdown timers)
  • Start Stopwatch
  • Manage Stopwatches (view/start/stop running stopwatches)
  • Dismiss Ringing Timer (stop a ringing alert for a finished timer, if you've checked the Ring Continously setting)
  • Preview Alert Sounds (test out the bundled timer alert sounds before selecting one in settings)
  • Stop Running Timer (stop the running timer closest to completion)

Not Yet Implemented

  • Set Alarm
  • Manage Alarms (view/start/stop running alarms)


If you'd like to file an issue, make a feature request, or improve the code in this extension, feel free to open an issue or PR! Here are a few pieces of advice:

  • Please check my personal repo for this extension first as I may already be working on a fix, or there may already be an issue/PR for your idea ;) I am also more reachable there for PRs/issues.
  • If you decide to file an issue on the main raycast/extensions repo, please ping me (@ThatNerdSquared) so that I don't miss your request!
  • Feel free to reach out to me on the Raycast Slack (@ThatNerd(Squared)) if I have not responded to you in a timely manner.
  • src/hooks/useTimers.ts contains the custom React hook that I use for state management across various commands, and timerUtils.ts contains backend functions I use to create the actual timer files.
  • Custom timers are saved in a customTimers.json file as an array of CustomTimers, and running timers are stored as text files where the filename is [date and time started, with illegal characters replaced with __]---[length of timer in seconds] and the file content is a single line with the name of the timer.
  • If you submit changes, please update these contributing guidelines as necessary to prevent confusion :)


Sound effects procured royalty-free from Mixkit.