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Cacher - Code Snippet Organizer

Create and insert personal and team code snippets from anywhere.
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Cacher Extension for Raycast

About Cacher

Cacher is a cross-platform, cloud-based app used to curate a snippet library for you and your team. This extension lets you quickly create and insert personal/team snippets using the Raycast launcher.

Getting Started

  1. Click here to view your Cacher API credentials.
  2. Fill in the API Key and API Token fields for the Cacher Raycast extension.
  3. Once you're signed into Cacher, you can trigger the Search Code Snippets and Create Code Snippet commands from Raycast.

Cacher API Credentials

Cacher Extension Settings

Extension Commands

🔍 Search Code Snippets

Search Cacher snippets across your personal and team libraries with support for filtering by labels. Easily copy/paste or insert code into your editor.

Search Code Snippets

✏️ Create Code Snippet

Quickly create snippets for personal or team use.

Create Code Snippet


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