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Pomodoro extension with menu-bar timer
AvatarAlexandr Subbotin
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Enhancement - June 7, 2024

Add option to restart current interval/timer from one click in the menu bar

Enhancement - April 23, 2024

Add recap page to displays information about your prev pomodoro sessions like (total time, total sessions number, back to back sessions,..)

Enhancement - February 27, 2024

Added support for slack to change status during interval, the two new commands are disabled by default

Enhancement - February 16, 2024

Added option to use a quote on timer completion, and added option to disable the image on timer completion.

Enhancement - January 29, 2024

Added confetti parameter to display confetti after interval completes

Enhancement - January 26, 2024

Added starting of next interval based on previous interval

Enhancement - December 6, 2023

Added an option to display random gifs from giphy (using giphy api key)

Enhancement - July 13, 2023

Changed the progress indicator on Menu Bar from Circle to Pomodoro icon

Enhancement - July 10, 2023

Added option to hide time on Menu Bar

Enhancement - March 23, 2023

Added possibility to play completion sound

Enhancement - February 20, 2023

Added possibility to use 90 minutes sessions

Enhancement - February 5, 2023

Added preference textbox for a markdown image link to render after interval completes

Fix - January 3, 2023

Fixed so menubar icons works with both light and dark background

Initial Version - December 19, 2022